Saturday, January 21, 2017

Book Review: On Dublin Street


Jocelyn Butler has pain past experiences, she lost her family due to car accident. She went to Scotland to start a new life. Then She meet successful entrepreneur Braden Carmichael. Braden is Ellie' brother and Ellie is Jocelyn new housemate. Soon they become strongly attract each other. Jocelyn had panic attacks and she scared to lose someone she loved, she find hard to overcome her years of traumatic and to chase her love, Braden Carmichael.


Braden is serial dater. Jocelyn is anti-relationship girl. So, as you can see, this book tells the strong willed Braden to get Jocelyn heart.

This is the best book out of their series. This book similar to Bared to you and Fifty shades of grey. This book tell how Jocelyn fall in love in alpha male like Braden Carmichael. How Braden try hard to get Jocelyn' love. The writing is pretty good and addictive, you will keep reading and reading to find the ending of sweet love between Jocelyn and Braden.

Honestly, I like the story plot and this book just really good. If you really enjoy romance and alpha male type, this book just for you.

Rating: 4.5/5



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