Thursday, January 12, 2017

Book Review : I'll Kill Her For You by Steve Richer

Synopsis :

Who frames you for murder when you have no enemies?
Billionaire playboy Lawson Winslow gets a bizarre text message as he walks into the annual family Christmas ball: "I'll kill her for you." He thinks it's a prank but soon after the body of a woman is found upstairs.

Evidence puts Lawson at the scene of the crime. There's a witness. And when the killer calls again, he wants Lawson to play a dangerous game of dares. If he doesn't, incriminating phone records will be sent to the NYPD.

He's ill-equipped to deal with this. He's irresponsible, he's never had to work a day in his life, but now he needs to prove his innocence and he doesn't even know how.
After Lawson hires the disgraced but gorgeous federal agent Bailey Holloway to help him out of this mess, they will both need to navigate treacherous secrets before the blackmailer destroys his life and his family forever.
Review :

This is the second book that I read from Mr. Richer. Let say that I am not really impressed with his first book. But I can see that there's much improvement in this book. I remember Mr. Richer have unique idea for his first book and now the second book.

The story is about young billionaire Lawson Winslow being blackmailed by unknown party. Everyone seem sure that he is guilty until the truth revealed. Personally, after reading so many books, I kind of able to predict the ending. Fortunately or unfortunately, my prediction is true. The story is quite good and interesting. It just lack certain detail that comes with extensive research. Some scenes, for example CIA scene, was unnecessary because it turns out nothing have to do with CIA or any government despite the revealing. Other scenes involving secret service colleague also unnecessary, among others. If I don't know better I'd say that Mr Richer have hatred for the riches since he keep saying how the riches is .... well the riches. 

The characters are not bad but I don't feel any connection between them except for Lawson. I think Mr Richer only care for Lawson since only Lawson was given attention and character development. Even the potential showdown between Lawson and Detective Monshoon or Detective Monshoon with the main antagonist was big failure. I really believe it have great potential. But it was wasted.

The story was quite random and a little unbelievable. For example like DNA victim matching was wrong. The story is not bad per se. Just fail to deliver its promise. It could have more twist to make it more unpredictable. The good thing is it was simple and entertaining in some way. Despite the supposed big and grand story, the ending was quite ordinary but I like it. I recommend this story for people looking for fun and predictable mystery thriller.

Rating : 3.51 of 5


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