Sunday, January 22, 2017

Book Review : Asap (As Soon As Possible) by Patricia E. Gitt

Synopsis : 

When Suzanne Moss, co-founder of a technology company learns that her firm is targeted for a major theft, she begins an international chase that takes her from Manhattan to Asia to secure her company’s safety from thieves. As the mother of two preteens and wife of fast-tracked Wall Street attorney, her already overly scheduled life is thrust into warp speed. With the guidance and support of her business partner with secrets of his own, she races to resolve the threaten theft, only to learn of her husband’s treachery that placed both her company and children in jeopardy.

Review :

To be honest, this is one of the most strange thriller story that I have ever read. Nevertheless, I still give it good rating because I like it. 

ASAP - As Soon As Possible definitely is one of the most unique tittle that I have ever found in a book. Especially since it is an action and thriller story. But I choose to read it because I like the cover and the synopsis. The story is about three people which is Suzanne, the co owner of technology company, Leonard, Suzanne husband, and Brad, Suzanne business partner with his own secret. They are talented and successful person in their own rights. One day someone inform Suzanne that his company technology is in black market. And with this, the story kick starts. 

I said that this is one of the most strange thriller that I've read because I don't really get the bad guy. Yes it was explained but still I don't get it. At first Zeke was implied as dangerous person. He can kill people easily even his former partners.  After that he sort of become "good guy" ?! I don't even understand what's the true relationship between Zeke and Brad. It was very nuanced. The author like to jump from plot to plot so you have to connect the dot yourselves. Anyway, the problem solved. But that's not over. 

Now the author bring us into her next conflict which is between Suzanne and her husband, Leonard. And this is the second strange thing. Suddenly the conflict is about divorced settlement between workaholic wife and cheating husband. I don't understand why the author have to probe deeper into this instead of making the conflict between Zeke and Brad more "serious". I feel like the author change her heart and make this into some kind of romance.  

The characters are good. I even like the bad guy, including cheating Leonard. But of course, it still could have been improved especially regarding relationship between Suzanne, Leonard, and Brad. Right now it was very predictable with Suzanne being Suzanne, Leonard being Leonard, and Brad being Brad. I can see the author try to bring character development for Suzanne character but it is not an interesting development for me.  

Anyway, I still give this 3.51 rating because despite everything I quite enjoy it. I recommend this story for people looking for a unique story, the combination between thriller and romance.  

Rating : 3.51 of 5 


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