Saturday, January 21, 2017

Book Review : The Empathic Detective by Jaxon Reed

Synopsis : 

In a world of flying cars and planetary portals, Detective Gerald Bryce holds a rare power: the ability to read emotions. When he discovers a suspected murderess who shares his gift, she offers the fulfillment of his deepest desires. Soon he discovers she can manipulate emotions too, controlling others even to the point of committing murder. A battle breaks out between police and all the forces she can bring to bear. But other powers are at play as well, and they are far greater than anyone imagined … 

Review : 

I like the tittle. I like the cover. I like the synopsis. Still it was not perfect. It could have been but it was not. This is good book. Unfortunately the epilogue ruined it for me. Or maybe the story was not geared toward this kind of epilogue so it leaves bad taste. 

The main character is Jerry Bryce. At first he looks like ordinary workaholic detective. The truth is he have special power. He can sense someone emotion. He use this skill to investigate the case and catch the bad guy. I like Bryce character. He is not your ordinary detective. I am not saying about his skill but character. He is simple and yet intriguing at the same time. Unfortunately that's not the case with the other characters. Maybe because this story was geared toward action so the other characters are bland. And I appreciate there's no romance in this story. 

The story itself is quite simple. It just there's some obstacles that our detective have to overcome before he can defeat the bad guy which is Harpy Desiree Lamont. Please be prepared for certain unbeliveable things. Other than that, it was enjoyable read while it last. The pace is quick at the beginning but a little slow in the middle. The good thing is the story was predictable. The bad thing is the story was also predictable, besides the twist at the end. But don't worry the twist was just.... twist. Don't worry too much about it. Not everyone will like it because I know I don't. Still I recommend this book for people looking enjoyable and fun read. 

Rating : 3.51 of 5


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