Monday, January 9, 2017

Book Review : Fast Forward by Darren Wearmouth

Synopsis :

After recovering from life threatening injuries sustained on a mission, Luke Porterfield is offered second chance to actively fight terrorism by becoming a faceless agent of the future.

Luke is stored in a bleeding-edge technology and finds himself waking in 2070. In a vastly changed and advanced world, he is tasked to defeat a terrorist group who are attacking the very core of society. When his investigation unearths a five-decade-long conspiracy, the explosive consequences force him into the biggest and most dangerous mission of his life, and the country's future depends on it.

Fast Forward is a thrilling science fiction adventure packed with action, unexpected twists, and future technologies that are already appearing on our horizon.

Review :

Actually this is not kind of typical book that I usually read. But somehow I decide to read it. Wonder why

The tittle and the cover doesn't indicate that this is science fiction and thriller book. More like non fiction book. I don't know why the author choose this cover. Anyway, the story is about Luke who get major injury that threatened his career as special operatives. One day he meet Doctor Lynch who invent special device that can slow his biology time until miracle solution can be found. After several decades, Luke wake up with cyber kinetic equipment in his body that enable him to operate in the field again. But it come with high cost. I like the idea of someone wake up far in the future and the world setting is quite good even though it's typical

Despite given information that Doctor Lynch save Luke, we know that something is wrong. I mean the author doesn't even bother try to camouflage it. The story is quite predictable. The good guys still the good guys. The bad guys still the bad guys. There's no character development. It was action thriller anyway. Fortunately, the authors keep the characters simple. Besides Luke, there's no memorable characters. Even Luke love interest feels two dimensional. The good thing is reader can just focus into the story. Overall, the pace is quite slow and the ending lack epilogue that if there, can make the story much better. Overall, I recommend this story if you have nothing else to read and want to read certain and safe predictable good action thriller.

Rating : 3.51 of 5


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