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Film review: Your Name (2016)


Two Strangers connect in bizarre way. Mitsuha and Taki experiences swap-bodies and after they realize it, they start communicating with each other by leaving notes on paper or leaving memos in each other' phones. As the times goes on, they get used to this and starts to intervene each other personal life. Mitsuha helps Taki' relationship with his co-worker named Miki Okudera. Taki helps Mitsuha in becoming more popular in her school by making scenes at her school.

Taki tried to contact Mitsuha but fails to reach her phone. After that, he realized that they stop switching bodies and he wants to go to Mitsuha' hometown without knowing her whereabout. Taki sketch some picture from his memories and starts to find where is the place by asking peoples he met and finally a staff in a restaurant recognized the sketch and tell him that the place is named Itomori. He later finds out that a fragment of the comet Tiamat fell to earth three years ago and destroyed Itomori and its outskirts, killing a third of the town' population. Taki later go through the record and find Mitsuha name as one of the victims.

Taki goes to Mitsuha' family shrine and learns that his and Mitsuha timeline were actually separated a few years the whole time, Taki drinks Kuchikamizake that Mitsuha made and left behind as an offering. Mitsuha find herself in Taki' body at the shrine and wanders the mountain. Taki arrives at the mountain. They can feel each other presence but they can't see each other because their timeline is different. Later they are transported back to their own bodies and finally able to see each other. They decide to write each other' names on the palm of their hands before they return to their timelines. Yet before Mitsuha write her name on Taki' palm, she disappeared. Time passed and they forget each others' names, as well as the memories that ever happened to them. Mitsuha find "I love you" on her palm instead of Taki' name.

Later it is known that Mitsuha succeed convinced her father to evacuate most of Itomori residents and save them from the comet incidents. Eight years passed and during his job hunting, Taki still lingering to anything related to Itomori and Mitsuha. Although He did not remember anything about Itomori and Mitsuha, he always feel that he is looking for something or someone. Even a lady wearing red ribbon reminds him of something he even did not remember. One day, he saw Mitsuha as his train and Mitsuha' train crossing. He then running out of the train, same as Mitsuha and they finally meet on the staircase and as they walk passed each other, Taki stopped Mitsuha and asked her name.

My review:

It's been awhile since I watched Japanese anime, especially the romantic one. This anime is detailed, I could tell by watching it. This is a unique anime story and the soundtrack also beautiful.
The story is touching and I really enjoy the comedy at first and the missing feeling Taki had when he tried to move on his life. He tried to find a job and hanging out with his friends and co worker Okudera, but he still feel something or someone is missing from his life.

I really like the ending where Taki and Mitsuha meets each other and Taki say hey to Mitsuha and asked her name. It's sweet ending. I really recommend this anime to anyone who likes Japan animes or just enjoying fantasy romantic drama film, this film plot and the soundtrack is beautiful and really worth to watch.

My rating: 8.25/10

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