Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Book Review: Too Late


Sloan is Asa boyfriend and has to keep Asa as her boyfriend because he provides her brother's home care because her brother has Aspergers. Sloan also live in Asa house and use his car too. Sloan feels trapped as Asa girlfriend, even she did not love Asa Jackson. She thinks she will be trapped until she's graduate and can afford life on her own. But Luke comes to her life and save her and they both find love in tragedies.

My review:

This story was first published on Colleen Hoover' Wattpad. Its free for all the readers. Just as Coho writings, This writing is good as well but a lot of crude words she used here. I think this book is better than some of Coho other books, which I don't want to mention here.

The story is pretty addictive, makes me want to read another chapter even though I limit to read some chapter per day, but I keep passing my limit because the story and her writing is good. This story just keep me going to read until the end of the story.

I like the chemistry between Sloan and Luke. They like true love and I also love how Coho describe how broken Asa is. It makes me not to blame Asa sometimes for his misbehaviour. Asa loves Sloan and need Sloan for his life but Sloan loves Luke. The emotions in the book is describe really well, I can feel the pain and love they all had.

However, the ending is pretty harsh and dramatic. I did not like the ending. It's too rush and too painful. How could someone good guy like Luke did something like 'that' in front Asa? It just not something that I will understand, I think. Overall, it's still good romance story to read and enjoy.

My rating: 3.8/5

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