Monday, December 5, 2016

Book Review : Don't Remember by Rich Silvers

Synopsis :

How much will Julian sacrifice to find the truth?

As he approaches the corner of Wendt and Brewster, Julian Barnes makes a bet with fate: if he can drive through the intersection without stopping, it will be a sign that he won’t lose Julia, the woman he loves.

But instead Julian wakes up in a hospital, his body shattered from a car accident he can’t remember. The prominent neurosurgeon who broadsided him swears his light was green. An eyewitness disagrees. A woman is dead, and the surgeon is accused of manslaughter. A stranger warns Julian that if his memory returns and he tells anyone what really happened, Julia will die, too.

What don’t they want him to remember? Julian knows he got in the car an hour before the accident, on his way to see Julia. But then…nothing.

Why was he driving away from Julia’s apartment when the car hit him? What did he see just before the impact?

Julian bears the weight of not knowing. His quest will take him to places he never expected, and to stories he never wanted to hear.

Review :

I can't believe my eyes when I found this book. I read the synopsis and know that I have to read it right away. Amnesia ? Check. Accident ? Check. No reason not to read it right away.

Call me bias, but I love this type of story. I love the opening. Certainly not wasting time with the introduction. I just wish the story longer. I really like it. The story and characters are not perfect. But since I like it, they are perfect in my eyes. It was quite refreshing to read this story after reading many science fiction, crime thriller, action thriller, etc. The story revolved around Julian amnesia. He was allegedly run by famous neurosurgeon who insist the traffic was green at the intersection. The story make us keep wondering whether Julian really innocent or actually he is the one who is guilty. I love the addition of Slattery character. He is the one who make it more interesting. Otherwise, it would be quite boring.

The inclusion of court trial is also a nice bonus. I used to like court trial in legal thriller. But since usually it was too long, make me avoid legal thriller after some time. The story is quite short but to the point. There's no unnecessary scene. If I don't know better, I will think it was hybrid romance thriller because the lack of tension. Yes, there's the bad guy, but he's basically non existent after some time. The ending is sweet if the word is applicable. Anyway, cannot wait to read other story from Mr. Silvers.

Rating : 5 of 5


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