Monday, December 19, 2016

Movie review: la la land


Mia wants to be actress and Sebastian is jazz musician. Both of them is struggling hard to make their dream come true in Los Angeles. When the chance finally arrived, Mia get a chance to go to Paris to pursue her acting career and Sebastian get chance to join band tour around the world for years. They have to decide difficult choices between their relationship and their dream.

My review:

This is a very nice musical drama. the songs in this movie are good and romantic. This drama tell deep feeling between Sebastian and Mia. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone have good chemistry to play as a couple. Mia faced a lot of failure during her audition and need to work in cafe to support her life and Sebastian played Christmas songs in a cafe and later accept invitation from her music friend to play as pianist even though he really has to adjust for the music because he played pure jazz. Finally when the chance comes to them, Mia has been offered to go to Paris to pursue her acting career and Sebastian joined a world band tour around the world for years. They decide to pursue their dream and finally they meet again in one occasion in a cafe and both of them seem sad and imagining if their life could turn otherwise.

I really like the music in this movie. Ryan and Emma have beautiful voices and really suit them well. Their emotion also mark the movie. It's hard to move on from this movie. The chemistry between them, how they express their feelings just mark the movie well. I personally really recommend this movie to anyone who likes musical romantic drama. It is really worth to watch.

The only thing I am not really understand is this movie only available in certain cinemas, not all cinemas here. Those big cinemas in central area, so I have to go to central big shopping centre just to watch this movie. I personally hope this movie would be available in small shopping centre nearby my area. I made some thoughts like maybe this movie need good sound system like in big cinemas. Yet I still wish this movie available in every cinemas, so more peoples could go watching anytime without feeling have to go to big shopping centre in center of town, just my two cents.

My rating: 4.5/5

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