Thursday, December 22, 2016

Book Review : Haunted from Without by Ian C.P. Irvine

Synopsis :

With several stories that twist and turn together, culminating in an ending you will not predict, Haunted From Without will keep you riveted to your Kindle for hour after hour. 

Who are 'the Others'? Why are an increasing number of people throughout the world developing the ability to see and speak with the dead? 

Why have a farmers' guild from Iowa secretly enlisted the help of Scottish reporter Peter Nicolson? If they are correct, is the world stumbling blindly into a disaster that could threaten the survival of the human race? And what is contained within the missing 'GM File' that threatens to destroy some of the world's most powerful companies? To what lengths will these companies go to prevent Peter Nicolson uncovering the truth and publishing it to the world? 

Will Peter Nicolson meet Maciek, his nemesis and erstwhile saviour? And if he does, who will survive? 

To find the answers to all these questions and more, download Haunted From Without today, find a comfortable seat, and forget about doing anything else for the next few days! 

Review :

Haunted from without is the sequel of Haunted from within. I love the prequel and also love this one. Personally, I think the story is a little out of science fiction but nonetheless, I love it. Actually I read book one and book two separately. But for the sake of this review, I choose to review both of them at the same place 

The main characters still the same person which are Peter, Susie, Sgt Angus, and Alex. But there are many more characters than them. This time instead of focusing on one case like Haunted from within, there are several sub plot. But the main case is about Genetically Modified Seed and the corporation. Basically their seeds were flawed and they kill several people to hide the fact. It was really troublesome. This is not related to my review. But when I read this book, suddenly I remember about one book that I read in which the main characters are bad guy couple who want to make Genetically Modified Food legal and prosper. So, it was nice to see the other POV. 

Once again Maciek appear in this story. To be honest, when I read that Maciek was crying at the end, it was quite a little out of character for him. Besides, there's also some implausible scenario. But I can overlook them because I really love it. It would be great if there's some twist in the end. But I suppose done incorrectly, it could make it worse. There's a little minor thing like wrong name, but I know who the author mean, so it doesn't bother me. Anyway, love smart Peter and Susie. Unlike Haunted from Within, in this story, Susie play some role especially regarding Serantopex and Dianzapol. Kudos for Mr Irvine. 

Rating : 4.5 of 5


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