Sunday, December 11, 2016

Book Review : Hard Fall (Rogue) (part 1 of 4) by Rex Nada

Synopsis : 

No FBI agent has ever murdered one of their own. Until now. 

Emotion doesn’t play a part, but Special Agent Jack Falls still smiles as he kills his longtime partner during a sting operation targeting a notorious Tijuana cartel boss. Falls knows he’s on camera and wants to send a message. 

The FBI launches a massive manhunt, and rookie Ria Santos is willing to bend all the rules because Falls has information about an enigmatic cartel assassin who killed her father. 

This book is the first in the Hard Fall Series, which is a story in several parts.

Review : 

Actually I really like the premise. I mean FBI kill their fellow FBI agent even when recorded in sting operation. Seems like interesting story. Unfortunately or fortunately, the story was quite short and continue into the next one. It was not bad. Just unfinished and boring. Jack Falls and Ria Santos are supposed to be the main characters. But I find them both to be quite boring. I thought I would like Jack character. I have soft spot for rogue agent character. He was supposed to be legend/myth in FBI with his many experienced with undercover dealing. But, what I see is someone who doesn't feel scared or happy, as if the killing of his partner for 10 years is just usual occurrence. Maybe the author try to make Jack as pragmatical character but it can only work if Tia Santos is the one who doesn't pragmatical. Combined both main characters who were supposed to be enemy and yet both are pragmatical, you have the recipe for boring story. 

I know this is just the opening/part one. But opening is the most important part of story if you want to make it right, besides the ending. Once again, I am not saying this is bad story. Jack and Tia could be very interesting characters if handle properly. Rogue and Newbie agent. Done correctly, it could become one hell of combo pairing characters. One silver lining is I have a feeling that part 2 will be much better. So, I am gonna check it out when I can. 

My rating : 3 of 5


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