Sunday, December 4, 2016

Book Review : The Situation Room by Venkat Rajan

Synopsis : 

A tense and taut thriller which starts with an attack and kidnap of the US Ambassador to Mexico. The situation puts the US President under enormous personal distress as the Ambassador is also his brother in law. The President and his team of senior advisers soon realize that they might be dealing with a madman who is bent upon unleashing destruction and chaos across America. The novel is set in a time frame of 24 hours during which the Presidential team have to employ all their intelligence and resources to try to deconstruct the enemy before the situation turns to the worse. There are a series of twists and turns leading to tense moments which push the President into a corner and he has to steel himself to come out fighting and neutralize the enemy.
Review : 

It's been a long time since I get this book and I can only read and review it right now. I know that I have to get this book the moment I read the synopsis. I have soft spot with story involving politician as main character. Combined it with great story, well, I am sold. 

The story is very interesting. It is ordinary and yet thrilling at the same time. The main character is Thomas as President of USA. One day he get bad news that his beloved nephew was injured and his brother in law was kidnapped by Mexico drug cartels. It really distress him. We can feel his emotional pain. On top of that, he get threat from the kidnapper about US nuke bomb that's gonna blown US top city 4 hours later. The author takes us to see his way dealing with the threat and all. It was very tense moment seeing FBI, CIA, DEA, SEC, etc and Mexico Government cooperate with each other to capture the bad guys and save his brother in law. 

I cannot stress how much detail the author try to make connecting one scene into the other. Most authors usually just going the easy way by narrating the scene, but not Mr Rajan. He described the scene one by one with precision even one that may look like very simple. I really appreciated the hard work. No question turned unanswered. One may say that it was simple story. Yes, it was simple and straight forward one, but it doesn't try to be anything else other than what it promised.  You know what you get. Of course, it could have been better. It may do better with strong impression. Anyway, I really recommend this story for people who want to read action thriller. It keeps you reading until the end. 

Rating : 5 of 5


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