Saturday, December 17, 2016

Book Review: Beautiful Disaster


Abby Abernathy come to Eastern to let go her problematic father and she met Travis Maddox, a guy with his own dark secret. On the outside, Travis has a lot similarity to Abby' father, which makes Abby nervous and worry to have deep relationship with Travis. Abby has to let go her own trauma and Travis has to let go of his own abusive habit to make their relationship work.

My review:

This is a bittersweet love story between Abby and Travis. How Abby handle her own trauma of her abusive father. Her father an abusive to both of her and her mother. Abby go to Eastern University to run away from her father. She wants to start a new life with her best friend America. America herself are in relationship with Shepley and Shepley is Travis' cousin and roommate.

Travis has bad abusive habit and always go to fight ring to earn money for his living expense. Both of Travis and Abby has strong attraction and deep connection with each other. They make a bet, so if Abby lost, she has to stay 1 month in his apartment. Love begins to grow between them. A lot of scene between both of them, how they learn to trust each other. I like how the author describe the character of Abby and Travis. The emotion also well describe in this book. This book really worth to read.

I always like love story which the couple has dark secret and how they encounter their own trauma and find happiness together. The author create two book in beautiful series, one is this book and the other book named Walking Disaster. Walking disaster is the same story but from Travis point of view. I did not read Walking disaster, because for me, this first book, beautiful disaster tell much a lot about Travis till I feel I don't need to read Walking Disaster to get to know him better. Beautiful Disaster is pretty enough for me to know both Travis and Abby better. Sometimes, if I am curious enough, I will read the same story from different point of view to get all the mysteries of someone out of my mind. Yet, I feel I do not need to read Walking Disaster. Maybe in the first book, they should make Travis character more intrigue.

My rating: 4/5

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