Saturday, December 24, 2016

Book Review: Bitter Sweet Love


This is the collection of Michael Faudet' love and erotic poems.

My review:

This is my favorite of his writings in this book:

I Remember a Time

I remember a time when life was simple

No grand expectations to weigh me down or the drudgery of responsibilities to hold me back. Living the cliche of footloose and fancy-free. A few jangling coins in my pocket for the morning newspaper and just enough notes by the end of the week to throw across a nightclub bar

It was a hybrid existence of lectures by day and hanging out with good friends at night. Smoking joints in the shared apartment, listening to the mournful wailing of The Cure, and avoiding the razor-sharp claws of our resident crazy cat called Spooky.

Somewhere in between the playful chaos and outrageous laughter, there was also enough time to hold down a part-time job. Stacking supermarket shelves three nights a week.

Girlfriends came and went like the change of the seasons. The giddiness of love often replace with the tears of regret, played out in my corner bedroom with the ebb and flow of powder-blue cotton sheets.

Of Course, the years rolled by as years do. Friends drifted apart, more keys got added to the key ring, and Spooky slept soundly under a rose bush.

The Friday night happy hour was replaced with Saturday night martinis in flash restaurants, the names of which I struggled to pronounce by the time dessert arrived. The part-time job was left behind in the dust and a 60-hour a week career stole what was left of any imagination.

I found myself aboard a miserable train hurtling toward middle age and oblivion.

Little did I know then, a fellow passenger had other ideas, a very different plan for my life.

A Sunday morning phone conversation changed everything. Her words a siren's calling, forcing my hand to pull the emergency brake, bringing the spinning wheels to an abrupt stop.

We stepped onto the platform together, hands held and hearts beating.

And life suddenly became simple again.

My rating: 4/5

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