Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Book Review : The Trouble With Time (Time Rats #1) by Lexi Revellian

Synopsis :
It's 2045. Jace Carnady works for the Time Police, dedicated to the prevention of timecrime. Life is good; he loves his girlfriend and enjoys his work. But when the team gets wind of a rogue time machine and fails to find it, Jace suspects one of his colleagues may be involved, and his life begins to unravel . . .
In 2015, Floss Dryden is snatched from her own time and taken to the future – but will this really prevent the extinction of humanity?

Review :

To be honest, it was always painful to give review with less than 3 stars rating. But I really don't like the story. I don't say it was bad. It just I don't really understand what this story is all about. You can say I am not used with this kind of story. I don't even know who is the main characters. I can understand some people will like it. Unfortunately, I really really dislike it. I am disappointed because I have high hope for this story but it fails me.
Actually I really like Jace Carnady and Florence character but it still cannot save this story. Jace is smart and kind, Florence also smart and kind. And then you have Ryker who is also interesting character. But the author fail to develop their characters. He/she is much more interested with time travel paradox instead of making enjoyable and engaging story. If the author is willing to tone down and give some semblance to the story, I have no doubt it would make one hell of a story.
Unfortunately, that's not what happen. I don't understand one bit how the time travel paradox working in this story. Call me stupid if you want but I am not reading fiction story to learn about science. What makes it worse, the bad guy win every time. Killing him doesn't make him lose because the good guy still die tragically. If the author want to make Quinn as main character, it works badly because I hate him so much. Nothing about him screaming the characteristic of good main character. I keep reading until the end to see whether it becomes better but it seems I set my hope too high. I feel like I wasted my time so much. Anyway, there's my rant. Once again this is just my personal feeling.
Rating : 2.5 of 5

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