Sunday, December 4, 2016

Book Review : Her Husband's Secret (DS. Ava Merry and Jim Neal#3) by Janice Frost

Synopsis : 

Two children sneak out on a freezing winter night, hoping to see a ghost. But instead they witness something far more terrifying. A man dumping a body . . . 

DS Ava Merry and DI Jim Neal are called in to investigate this perplexing murder. Eventually the dead man’s wife is identified. But Laura Cameron’s husband turns out to have kept many secrets from her. And when she goes to visit her old friends who live near where the murder happened, Laura enters a dark web of lies as she tries to dig into the past to discover the truth about what happened to her husband. 

Who killed her husband how does it tie into the past? 

Review : 

I have soft spot for crime thriller with strong opening. Don't know why when I read the synopsis, I feel something compelling me to read this story, even though I never read the first and second one. 

I will begin with the story. The story itself is very ordinary. Police found dead body and trying to solve it. Nothing special. I can see the author try to make it simple and yet not boring at the same time. Unfortunately, it really is boring even with the additional crime and emotional baggage from years ago. Fortunately, the characters are not over the top. I can see myself relate to themselves. It really helps. Usually crime thrillers try to make a story black and white with clear cut ending. But in this case, it does not. It lets the reader decide for themselves. I really appreciate it. Of course, some will like it and some will hate it. Still, some characters are just quite two dimensional and have no backbone. They are very uninteresting, despite the author trying to give them emotion and feelings. I am sorry but I just cannot feel it. You can skip their part and still not losing anything. I recommend this story for people who want to read light crime thriller without too strong emotional attachment.  

My rating : 3.5 of 5


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