Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Book Review : Second Chance (Transcendence Trilogy#1) By Dylan S Hearn

Synopsis : 

Four lives become linked by a student’s disappearance: a politician looking to put integrity back into politics, an investigator hoping to atone for past mistakes, a data cleanser searching for a better life while haunted by his past and a re-life technician creating new lives for old souls.

But it soon becomes clear this is no ordinary case, and in the pursuit of the truth, long-held secrets are at risk of being revealed.

Set in the near future where everybody is connected and death isn’t final, this is the story of how far those in power will go to retain control, and the true price to pay for a Second Chance.

Review : 

I really like the cover. The author know how to make simple but artistic cover. I give it for him. The synopsis also quite good. 

Actually I really like the story and characters. Basically there are 3 major characters which are Stephanie the politician, Randall the IT, Nico the investigator. For the others, it was also quite interesting but not really major for me. You get to know their life and how they interlinked with one another. To be honest, I don't really know my feeling about this story and ending. I know that it was trilogy so in a sense, it was unfinished. It just that I feel there's something missing. Maybe the story lack inspiring moment. It was a sad ending after all. I feel sorry for all of them. 

There's quite mystery in the story. But even after knowing the truth, it still doesn't answer the question why and why. If I don't know any better, I will say that the author cheated with the ending. There's no hint or shadow about certain things. It just appear out of nowhere. Anyway, I enjoy it while it last. The pace is quite steady. It was not too fast and not too slow. But since, the story was divided, it can disrupt your reading moment when you read one character and after that it jump into another character. Personally, I don't prefer more than 2 alternate point of view for science fiction. Don't know why but it doesn't seem interest me. 

The characters itself are interesting but a little too depressing for my liking. At first it looks like they are "strong" characters. But at the end, they are nothing like main characters, more like "victims and also villains". You have to read the story to know what I mean. Anyway, I have no doubt, this is good story but lack certain element to make it great and amazing. 

My rating : 3.5 of 5


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