Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Review : Side Effects 2 by Owen Grant

Synopsis : 

Alan just watched his beautiful girlfriend die from testing an unstable drug. It looks like this drug is still in the process of being released by a renegade doctor, so Alan teams up with an old friend Ryan to stop the dangers of the drug from hurting other people. Alan's journey leads him to some new discoveries and some decisions that may leave him in need of a cure himself. When Alan and Ryan team up with an unlikely ally, how far will they go to protect people from this dangerous drug? What more dangers are they going to uncover? 

Review : 

Personally I really like the tittle and synopsis. I even like the cover. I mean it was simple unlike most medical thriller in which usually it use abstract or medical related image. Short story doesn't hurt either after reading many long story. 

I read this one first instead of the prequel. Unfortunately, after reading this, I doubt that I will read the prequel in the near future. I don't know how to tell this but this is the first time I read medical thriller like this. It looks quite serious and yet it feels like a joke aka comedy at the same time. Full of plot hole. It feels like the author write this just for the sake of writing. I am sorry but I cannot see that the author invest his effort and time to write this story. The reason that I give this 3 stars instead of 2 stars because I don't feel cheated. I mean fortunately the twist come early. Basically the premise is the same which is the good doctor fight against the bad medical institution. It will be much better if the author give a little background regarding the event related with the prequel. Instead of assuming that we already know who, why, how, and what's happening. It will make us relate much more with the main characters. Anyway, I don't understand what's the deal with the ending. It looks like open ending but .. okay it was an open ending. Case closed. Anyway, I recommend this story for people who want to read fast and simple and quite "funny" medical thriller. 

Rating : 2.5 of 5


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