Monday, December 12, 2016

Book Review : Federal Underground (Penn Mitchel #1) by Jeff Bennington

Synopsis : 

Penn Mitchell vanishes from the NYU campus and shows up three months later on his mother's doorstep with a book screaming to get out of his head. When the FBI discovers the novel discloses top-secret information, they bring Penn in for questioning. The interrogation goes sideways and Penn escapes into a subterranean world he thought was a figment of his imagination, a world where the US government is hiding, and at war with, an ancient race that has existed since the dawn of time
Review : 

At last I make the move. You can say that this is the first alien book that I read. At first, there's doubt. But the synopsis won me over. And let say that I am really glad that I took the chance. Normally I don't read alien story. 

The story is very imaginative. I mean Mr. Bennington really have good writing skill. He alternate point of view between characters. So, as reader we really get to see what's happening in Mr. Bennington world. At the beginning, it was quite slow pace. But I can understand that because he need to set up the world and characters first. There are many characters in this book. Some characters are really special, some are evil, and some are just confused. The main character in this book is Penn Mitchell. He is NYU student. He get full scholarship to attend writing/art faculty (if I am mistaken). He has talent with words. One day he get kidnapped by a group of people and returned 3 months later with amnesia. And the story really moving on from there. The other interesting characters that I like are Vincent, Elizabeth, Truck, and Alvarez. Maybe because they are good guy. I have soft spot for heroic and selfless characters. I love the ending when Vincent and Penn hug each other before separated. It feels like both of them just make bond in short time. Vincent can complete Penn need of father figure, and Penn complete Vincent need of son.  

The story continue directly into next book. But since it was already quite long in the first book, I don't blame the author to continue it into the next part.   I really like it. Cannot wait to read the next chapter. 

Rating : 5 of 5


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