Saturday, December 17, 2016

Book Review : Murder In Bermuda by Penelope Sotheby

Synopsis : 

Event planner, Anna Winters,wants nothing more than to ensure the wedding reception for millionaire Tony Giovani and his beautiful new bride, Meadow, proceeds without a hitch.So far, things have gone exactly as planned. The happy couple'sfriends and family have gatheredat the Grand Palatial, a posh hotel in Bermuda which caters exclusively to the rich and famous, and are anxiously awaiting the cutting of the cake.

Just when Anna is about to call the night a smashing success, the police are summoned to investigate a murder. The cake was poisoned, the groom is dead and suddenly everyone's a suspect. The pandemonium infuriates Anna's boss, Mr. Puccio. He's more worried about the hotel's reputation than the fact a guest is dead and, to make matters worse, he's holding Anna responsible for restoring the hotel's good name. Now it's up to her to find out who killed Tony or else she's out of a job.

The police order the hotel and its occupants detained until further notice and Anna discreetly enlists a few trusted employees to help with her investigation. Clues are discovered, leads are followed,and it isn't long before Anna is dangerously close to the truth. But someone isn't happy about her involvement and Anna has to work fast before she becomes the next victim.

Review : 

At first I have doubt whether to read this book or not. But I thought what's wrong, it just 100+ pages. Actually it was not really that bad compare to my previous book. The story is simple. There's a murder in lavish wedding in Bermuda. You thought they would have great security team there. No, someone managed to easily poison the bridegroom. Worse, the owner of the hotel, want Anna Winter to solve the problem just because she is the one who serve the food, even though there are already police over there. Yeah very believable. Basically the police is non existent. There are many characters in there. Most are just canon fodder. They are there just for the sake of being there. You don't care about them. 

If there are people that I have to choose to sympathize, it was the deceased bridegroom. I mean you just cannot help sympathize with him. Being killed in his own wedding day. Not to mention, your bride have an affair with your good friend even though one day have not passed. Worse, you are not actually the intended victim. Well, that's that. Anyway, it was moving with quick pace. So, you don't have to deal with unnecessary drama. The good point it is short story and the bad point it is also short story. Take your pick. Anyway, despite everything I still give this 2.5 stars instead of 2 because I quite enjoy it while it last, even though it was more suitable for comedy instead of crime mystery. 

Rating : 2.5 of 5


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