Thursday, December 29, 2016

Book Review : Sub-Sahara by Ethan Arkwright

Synopsis : 

A freak storm reveals a city hidden deep under the largest sand dunes of the Sahara.

A silver pyramid at the centre of the city is emitting a strange energy signal.

The race is on to secure the energy source and other treasures of the city.

James Cavill and his team of private Special Forces are charged to get there first and secure the treasure for the benefit of all humanity – little do they know what they’ve just walked into…

Review : 

I will be honest. I am quite disappointed with this book. I mean it open very good and goes downhill from there. I don't know how it could happen. Very promising book but fail to deliver. Some may think that I judge this book harshly. But it was because I have high expectation and high standard for this kind of book. It looks really promising. 

I really like the opening. I give it to the author. The opening captivate me right from the beginning. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the story and characters. I like some of the characters and hate the others. The irony is some of the characters that I like is not main characters. Worse, I don't fancy the action. It was too many for my liking. I find myself skimming for most of them. I can understand that this is thriller. It was understandable that it will has many actions. But at the same time, it also try to become ancient culture mystery (sorry I don't know how to explain it better). It should have been balanced between the action and mystery solving, but sadly that's not what happened here. 

Actually the story is very good. It just that the author lack experience to craft inspiring and memorable story. Too many actions and too little explanation. Besides, the jump between protagonist and antagonist POV was not done nicely. There should be an explanation who is the bad guy and why he did what he did at the beginning. We should understand the bad guy characters. Instead we just see the bad guy action and his penchant for killing everyone. Make him look like mad man. Personally I don't believe the author intend to make the bad guy as mad man. Not only that, I don't even know why certain things happen. I cannot tell it without spoiling the story. The pace is fast but full of unnecessary scene. The good thing from this story is it has closed ending. After reading many story with open ending, it was nice to read closed ending story. There's no cliffhanger whatsoever. It was finished once and for all. But I can see the potential of sequel. After all, James Cavill is charismatic character that I can see in many great main characters. I hope the author next book will be much better. Cannot wait for it. 

Rating : 3.49 of 5


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