Sunday, December 4, 2016

Book Review : Brain Trust by Lynn Sholes

Synopsis : 

Dr. Brian Wheeler, a young and ambitious molecular geneticist, believes he has landed his dream job at the giant company, Reichert Pharmaceuticals. But as part of a special team, when he performs a procedure that results in the patient’s death, he informs management that he wants out of the ultra-secret project. Because he already knows too much, the company will stop at nothing to keep him silent. Now he’s running for his life. 

Maggie Hayden is trying to cope with the death of her husband. Her life is in emotional and financial turmoil. All she has left is her son. On the brink of losing everything, she is offered a position teaching at a school for gifted children owned by Reichert Pharmaceuticals. She believes the job is a godsend. But she soon realizes something is wrong. She has witnessed students experiencing horrific mental disturbances. When she begins to see troubling signs in her son, she sets out to investigate. What she finds is horrifying—Project Brain Trust. 

Wheeler knows their secret. They want him dead. Maggie has her son. They want his brain.

Review : 

The first time I read this book is from Amazon recommendation. The cover and the tittle actually quite simple, but somehow it managed to attract my attention. 

Brain Trust it could have been medical thriller or financial thriller. In this case, the tittle refer more to medical thriller. This story use alternating point of view. At first, I am only interested on Dr. Brian Wheeler point of view because he is the main character. No doubt about that. But after their path converged, I began to reread it again and pay attention to Maggie Hayden point of view. Both point of view is really interesting and complement each other story that revolved around Biogentech and Castle School. The story is quite slow at first, but after that it really take it pace. 

The characters are quite ordinary. But I like dynamics between Brian and Beeca's boyfriend (Beeca is Brian ex girl friend) (sorry forgot the name), Maggie and Lawton. Once again it was simple but somehow managed to make it become quite lively. The ending itself is a happy one. If I don't know better, I will say that this is romance novel ending. Everyone get what they want and live happily ever after. I recommend this story for people who want to read mystery thriller but not too heavy at the same time. I remember keep wondering what are the bad guy doing secretly and yet I also enjoy the action that accompany it. 

My rating : 4 of 5


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