Saturday, December 17, 2016

Book Review: Maybe Someday


Sydney has really bad day at her birthday. Her best friend and roommate is cheating with her boyfriend. Sydney left both of them and move out from the apartment. She met Ridge, her neighbour in the apartment complex area and they become close. Ridge has a girlfriend and he has to handle his feeling between Sydney and Maggie.

My review:

Sydney left her apartment when she found out that her bestie and roommate is in relationship with her boyfriend. She then meet Ridge, her neighbour who is fascinating about her problem with her bad day on her bday and her song lyric skill. Ridge himself is a good guitarist and he likes to create song, though he is deaf. He works as IT too. He has girlfriend named Maggie and has good relationship with Maggie. When Sydney starts become his roommate and everything in Ridge world turns upside down and makes both of them confuse about their own feeling for each other.

I always like the way Colleen Hoover tells the story, the writing itself is smooth and nice to read. Yet, this story is not one of my favorite of her books. It is still a good nice romance novel if you like simple love story. Ridge and Sydney will keep you read the book to get to know how they end up be together and overcome their own problem.

My rating: 3.5/5

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