Monday, December 26, 2016

Movie Review: The Great Wall


The Mercenary warrior William Garin (Matt Damon) arrived at Great Wall with his friend Pero Tovar (Pedro Pascal), the other three friends were killed by mysterious creature nearby the area. When they arrived at the great wall. They learnt that mysterious creatures are haunted the great wall and capital, while they stuck at The Great Wall, they want to take some black powder. While being captured, William and his friend help to fight with those mysterious beasts.

My review:

There is no doubt, that Matt Damon act well with his characteristics. He's done his job very well. The other actor like Jing Tian and Pedro Pascal also done well. On the other hand, Andy Lau acting seems not really extraordinary, He played as war strategist. The story actually pretty simple. They just need to kill the queen so all the mysterious beasts will gone too, as they supplied food to their queen.

The effects of this movie is good enough to keep movie interesting. The China soldiers skills really have good costume and attractive war skills. The Connection between commander lin and william also interesting. They helped each other since the beginning. William feel dilemma in the beginning because he didn't want to have further business by helping them. But finally he decided to help them fight mysterious beasts.

I wish there is better ending or storyline for this good actors and movie. The story really simple. The ending is very predictable. I just thought Matt Damon talents pretty waste to play this role. This role seems too easy for him. He could play better role with more complicated storyline. Yet, I still enjoy his acting. For Jing Tian, she's a new rising star. She really done a good job in this movie.

My rating: 4/5

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