Sunday, June 25, 2017

Game Review : Orwell

Review : 

Orwell is my newest game. I bought it at Steam Summer Sale 2017. It was sale with 50% discount. No I am not buying it on impulse because I already play it with demo. And the demo impressed me. I think most developers should provide demo for their games. That way people would be willing to try it and if they like it buy it. Anyway, Orwell is game about surveillance. Basically you are an "investigator" trying to investigate Bonton bombing case. Unique name isn't it ?! LOL. Anyway, the game is very intuitive and user friendly. So no need to worry how to play it. Basically your job is to provide Orwell with "data chunk" regarding the case via website, chat, phone, PC. Some time, there are also conflicting "data chunk" that depend on our choice can affect the outcome. And I like the idea, that we are also part of the story. Well I cannot say more without spoiling it. 

Anyway, that is the picture of Bonton. Quite simple but beautiful. I like the graphic. Unfortunately, that's the only one. Most of the time, we just scroll inside Orwell mainframe and interacting with our advisor Symes. In total, there are 5 episodes that we have to play to find the culprit and get our endings. Overall, there are 3 major endings with little minor one. At this time, I only managed to get one ending because I need to replay it from episode 1 (maybe ?) if I want to get the other endings. Maybe next time. 

Unfortunately, despite the uniqueness, I think it was quite short. Maybe about 5-6 hours (excluding replay). It would be great if developers make longer episode and more complicated story. Make it more dramatic or something like that. More office politics and dilemma. Maybe I just have high standards. Anyway, I really recommend this game for people whom like to play with unique and great story with multiple endings. But some people may be put off by so many texts. So better to try the demo first to find whether you will like it or not. 

Rating : 4.5 of 5 stars. 


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