Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Book Review: In flight (up in the air series) (2012)


Bianca Karlsson meet James Cavendish in the first class cabin. They immediately attract each other sensually. Bianca has violent childhood and she determine to overcome her fear and be with James.


This series is BDSM love stories between James and Bianca. James Cavendish is womanizer and strongly attracted to first class flight attendant Bianca Karlsson. I thought I would enjoy this book like I enjoyed Fifty Shades series or Crossfire series, but seems I did not enjoy this series as those two series.

Here are my points:
  • James Cavendish is not a hero man for me, he seems to be a good business man according to his conversation to his subordinates yet is not clearly mention what the nature of his business. I only feel he is just sex maniac.
  • It only mention that James' guardian had sex assault him by giving him something like sleeping pill so he will not realize what his guardian did to him. Is this affect him much to be BDSM addict? If yes, he should go to shrink like Christian Grey or Gideon Cross. Yet he does not have any shrink and either so Bianca. Bianca herself is child abuse survivor by his father' violence behaviour. Both of them should go to shrink in my opinion. Yet both of them just buried their past and have constant sex as their release. I don't think this is healthy for their future relationship.
  • The books itself is BDSM theme like Fifty Shades series. Yet this series is more hardcore BDSM. BDSM is not my scene, yet I still enjoy Fifty Shades series. I feel disturbed by this hardcore BDSM in this series. I really think both of them just purely lust to have sex, I don't feel any love only lust. If you don't like BDSM, I don't think this series for you, especially this is hardcore BDSM. James himself is addict to threesome according to his ex submissive and he likes to pierce sensitive part of his favorite submissive, can we trust him to be good lover? honestly I don't think this guy could 180 degree change by couple of months.
  • I think this series is lack of actual problems. I know Bianca' father still hunting her and Bianca even contact police and the police even release Bianca' father. She finally decide to tell the truth about his father' crime toward her mother and there are some annoying James ex' submissive like Jolene or Jules. I still feel there are no serious danger in this series. 
  • If you like steamy and hot sex, this series just for you. This series contain of very much dirty talks rather than romantic words.
The series itself has good writing and will keep you going if you don't mind with hardcore BDSM or constant sex and dirty talks, this series is for you. This book is all about BDSM and sex.

Rating: 3.5/5

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