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K-drama: Temptation of an angel (2009)


Jo Ah Ran married to Shin Hyun Woo in order to revenge her parents dead that caused by Shin Hyun Woo father. She wants to ruin Shin Hyun Woo family business. Jo Ah Ran herself is in relationship with Nam Joo Seung. Jo Ah Ran tried to kill Shin Hyun Woo several times then until one day, Shin Hyun Woo successfully escaped from Ah Ran Trap and running away. He do plastic surgery and change name to be Ahn Jae Seung. Ahn Jae Seung is very attractive man and determine to revenge what Jo Ah Ran did to him.


This is the most complicating and twisting Korean drama I ever watched. It is thriller drama, which is not really my scene. The story itself like cat and mouse, one put the trap, the other has to find out and tackle to survive. Jo Ah Ran determine to revenge and kill Shin Hyun Woo and he tried a couple of times to survive from Ah Ran' plan.

I watch this drama because Bae Soo Bin is my favorite korean actor and I am not regretting it. Bae Soo Bin as Ahn Jae Seung act like attractive man who is successful and romantic. I am not enjoy the cat and mouse trap itself but I enjoy Bae Soo Bin acting. My favorite episode is at episode 17 when Ahn Jae Seung asked Jo Ah Ran to dance in the middle of night, and he said as long Joo Ah Ran follow him, everything will be alright. Though I know its just Ahn Jae Seung' fake drama to trap Joo Ah Ran, still if its real, it is pretty romantic scene.

The ending itself is twisting where Yoon Jae Hae apparently is Joo Ah Ran sister, so Shin Hyun Woo can't marry her. This is not happy ending drama. It's a drama that full of vengeance, hatred and ambition.

Rating: 6.5/10

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