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Korean Drama: Dong Yi (2009)


Dong Yi is low born girl who lost his father and brother due to incident that blame the sword fraternity which his father is the leader at that time. Dong Yi determined to enter the palace and find the cause of her father and brother' death.


This is the longest Korean Drama I watched recently, it has 60 episodes. I mainly watch because of Bae Soo Bin who acts as chun soo, Dong Yi' protector and brother. As usual, his act is no doubt brilliant in this series. Han Hyo Joo as Dong Yi really done her job really well. She is beautiful and really suitable as Dong Yi.

In the beginning, the seer told consort Hui that she can reach the top position in palace but she will always become the shadow of the girl who has nothing but will get everything, if she meet this girl, she better not to fight head to head with this girl, because she can not beat the light from this girl, as long as she lived, the light will always shine, who later we know this girl is Dong Yi. As you see the drama tell about the palace politics between consort Hui and Dong Yi. At first she liked her intelligent and later feel threatened with Dong Yi especially when she realized that king loved Dong Yi very much and she feel abandoned and bittered.

The 60 episodes told about the struggling of Dong Yi, how Dong Yi who is coming as slave in Music bureau and later she promoted to be lady investigator and later became Consort Chun, but she refused to be a queen. She preferred to leave outside palace and do something to help poor peoples and bring justice to them.

This series also tell the love story between Dong Yi and King, How King pursue Dong Yi and want her to be his royal consort. The love story itself is bittersweet with some humor, you will not get bored. At first, Dong Yi did not know that he is the king because he said he is the justice officer. Later she knows and their love story continued to grow.

If you really liked romance or historical drama, you should watch this drama, its worthed.

Rating: 7/10

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