Sunday, April 9, 2017

Game Review : Papers, Please

Dear All, 

Now I would like to talk about famous indie game called "Papers, Please". Maybe some of you can guess what this game is all about. I bought this game on sale via Steam. 

Papers, Please is immigration border simulation game. This game set its time in fictional country Arstotzka during Cold War. You were chosen to guard the border and check their papers. After that make decision whether that person can enter the country or not. The Of course there's certain rules that you have to follow if you don't want to be penalized. 

I can say that I really like the game. It was user friendly and easy to play but not easy to get good ending. Simply because you need to be very accurate in your determination but with limited time. The quicker you make correct decision, the higher your salary because your salary was determined by how many people you processed at the border. Sometimes, there's also certain event that makes you wonder what to do like husband that asking you to let his wife come even with lack of paper or people asking you not to let suspicious people to enter because that man intent to murder him / her, etc. It really makes you feel guilty for making certain decision and not other. 

The most important thing is you have to have enough money for your money. Otherwise, when your family member die, the game is over. And this is what I get for my ending. Haha. They have multiple ending. So make sure to get enough money to last through until the end. Anyway, I really recommend this game because it is unique and fun. 

Rating : 8 of 10


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