Monday, April 24, 2017

Film Review: One Day (2016)


An insurance investigator named Gang Soo still depressed of his wife death. One day he had case about a woman named Mi So. Mi So is on coma because of car accident. When Gang Soo visit Mi So, he can see her spirit and communicate with her.


I interest to see this film because of the film synopsis I read somewhere. Well, it's different from what I have in mind.  Yet, it's in good way though. The story describe that it is only Gang Soo that able to see and communicate with Mi So reminds me of some love ghost story that I watched somewhere.

I like the bond between Gang Soo and Mi So. It's pretty touching to see how both of them together. I think the climax is where Gang Soo put his hand around Mi So as she asked him to remember her. Like many Korean drama, it kept flashing back about Mi So and her mother problem, it is also flashing back the memory between Gang Soo and his belated wife. How finally Gang Soo move on from his depression of his wife' death.

This is sad korean movie. If you like sad melodrama, you will love this film.

Rating: 7.3/10

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