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Book Review: Wait for it (2016)


Diana Casillas inherit two boys from her brother, she is an independent woman who tough and does not take shit from anyone. She thinks she does not need a boyfriend or husband until she meet Dallas. Both slowly develop connection and feeling for each other.


This is the 3rd book I read by the author Mariana Zapata and I love it. I like the way she's telling the daily stories of Diana and Dallas. It's so natural and the case is pretty real, like how a woman gossip named Christy always confront Diana about how her dressed and judge her. Many woman like that when they don't like you at the first sight and they're jealous of you.

I like how helpful is Diana, though she did not know anyone that connects to Dallas. Slowly both of them develop feeling and connection each other. As two previous books, this is a slow burner love story. The strong passion just at the back chapters, you have to be patient to see a passionate scene or sexual scene.

I really enjoy the daily life of Diana, how she loves her job and the boys. Also I also understand the relationship problem between Diana and her mother. Sometimes, we can't always get mother that understands our way of thinking. Mother that always criticize whatever you do and seems never be proud and satisfy of you. This is the relationship between Diana and her mother. They love each other yet they often misunderstanding and hurt each other.

I really like how Mariana Zapata' telling the daily problem like when Diana and the boys have head lice problem and how Dallas help them get through it. The essence of the story is how someone stand by your side through all life problems and they still love to do so together. Love is not come at the first sight and gone by the wind, love is when you're connect to each other and find comfortness and friendship together.

If Zapata launch the new book, I will be the reader for sure.

Rating: 4/5

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