Friday, April 21, 2017

Big Bad Wolf 2017

Dear All, 

This is the first time I come to Big Bad Wolf event in 2017 at Serpong, Indonesia. I came on April 20th because I get the privilege to come at preview sale. But I can tell you there's nothing like preview sale because still there are so many many people at the event. It was really crowded. I cannot imagine what happened on general sale. It must be really suffocating. Here we go ^^

Like last year, Big Bad Wolf 2017 was held at ICE BSD. It was quite far away from my home. Basically 1.5 hours motorcycle ride (even that not on peak hours). Cannot imagine going there at peak hours. This is the first time I attend this event and the first time too go into ICE (Indonesia Convention Exhibition) BSD because it is quite far. But I can understand why the organizers choose this place because it must be cheaper than rent place like Jakarta Convention Center. It was held on Hall 7 - 10. But we must enter at Hall 7. Luckily It was FREE. But even if I have to pay, I will still come because I really love BOOKS ^^ 

I really like this event. I mean yes it was full of people but it was also full of BOOKS ^^. Everytime I go, I can see BOOKS everywhere. Unfortunately since I was in hurry, I cannot see all the books. Since I want to buy imported books, so I focus on my shopping there. We know that import books doesn't have plastic so we can see what's inside. I really love it. At the same time, for some books wrapped in plastic, there's also sample. Very good thinking on organizers part. I try to choose the book as quick as I can but it was really so many. So I cannot see all the books. I can only see other people book in their shopping cart and think "I really want that book too but I cannot find it". 

At last, I decide enough is enough even though I still want to shop hehe. I go into Mandiri booth (Indonesian local bank). Why not go to cashier ??? You ask. Well, the trick is to get the coupon for fast line. What is fast line ? Fast line is well let's just say that you get special access into the cashier. You only need to apply for Mandiri credit card. How easy is it ???? Well I do my homework after all. I am proud of myself ^^

But that's not the end, the queue itself is very long. I mean even with fast line, I still have to wait for 30 minutes before I can finish and pay. I mean imagine if I don't use fast line. I buy more or less 7 books. 4 very expensive history book and 3 popular imported books. I thought at last my shopping will end happily ever after. But .............. imagine my surprised when I open the plastic for history book and find that I buy the same book but different cover and different publisher. I mean how stupid I am. It was really regrettable. This is lessons learned the hard way. Next time I must be more careful before buying imported book. In Indonesia, it's very rare for different publisher to publish the same book. So I was careless back there. My mistake :(

Anyway, it really worth it. For people who live in Jabodetabek and love books. You really have to come. Cannot wait for Big Bad Wolf 2018 ^^


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