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Book review: Manwhore series (2015)


Rachel Livingston is a reporter who assigned to do expose writing about famous billionaire Malcolm Saint. Rachel aimed to expose Malcolm Saint' secret. As the time passed the two both falling in love and now Rachel is confused that if she is the one that will discover about Saint' secret life or Saint is the one who will discover Rachel' secret.


I have to agree that Katy Evans is good at writing and describing feeling or deep emotion. This series is hot love at the first sight. Rachel is 23 years old reporter who falling in love at the first sight with billionaire Malcolm Saint. This series is similar to Fifty Shades of Grey but without the BDSM theme. Katy Evans good writing about emotion keep me going to read this book.

I like the first book, its describe how both falling in love. Second book is about how two of them reconcile because Malcolm knows about Rachel' expose article about him. Though Rachel article is not really about "expose". Rachel wrote 'love letter' to Malcolm instead of expose story. The third book is about the two getting married and having the honeymoon.

What is bothered me is this series is lack of actual issues. If there is an issue its only Victoria as Rachel'' coworker is trying to hop to different company and Rachel have to choose between staying in Edge which Malcom' father buying in or working at M4, where Malcolm owned it. Eventually, Malcolm fund Rachel new company named Face and Rachel hire most all of her ex-coworker to work at Face together.

I feel all the problems here are very easy to solved. Even after buying Edge, Malcolm' father whereabout is gone, meaning not really clear. Both Rachel and Malcolm don't have dark secret or hurt past that still lingering. Malcolm Saint is Rachel' first boyfriend. So, it's similar to Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey. Rachel Livingston is the only one who makes Malcolm Saint fall in love for the first time. There is no past issues between them, neither no dark secrets issue between them. It is just really fairy tale, how Rachel' life being funded well after marrying billionaire Malcolm Saint. It is mostly about that story.

As a dark secrets romantic seeker, this story is not fit in my shoes. Though I finish reading the series, yet I feel something missing in this series. It's still good romance series for those who looking for fairy tale alpha billionaire man love story.

My rating: 3.5/5

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