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Book Review: Still Life (2015)


Sawyer fall for the first sight at Elizabeth and he determined to have her in his life. He has dark past that still haunting him yet he loves Elizabeth so much. Elizabeth loves Sawyer and Todd, his longtime best friend who got crush on her. She determined to be happy with Sawyer and overcome both their dark past trauma and move on their life.


Firstly, I fall in love on the synopsis of the novel. The story seems interesting. Todd, Elizabeth' childhood friend loves Elizabeth and want to be in serious relationship with her, yet Elizabeth loves Sawyer and Sawyer loves her too. But Sawyer had temperament problem and his dark childhood who still gives scars in Sawyer hearts is not easy to handle. Sawyer seek therapist too, named Teri.
Sawyer joined Seal navy to forget his abusive father and move on his life. One day, he quit seal and start college life. Elizabeth and Sawyer have strong emotional attracts for each other and they determine to overcome whatever may come in their relationship.

This is the first novel I read by a.m johnson. While the story is pretty interesting, I feel that this novel is full of violence. Sawyer is not a hero gentleman for me. I don't like his temperamental abusive attitudes. It is when he had nightmares or he feels very angry. Sawyer is not a man for me. I know he loves Elizabeth so much and want to try anything to make their relationship work. I still feel annoying with his temperament attitudes.

The writing itself is pretty good. The good point of this novel is the emotional thing, it's describe the feelings like sad, disappointment, jealousy pretty well. I have to give credit for that. Though I read the novel until finish. I just enjoy the emotional parts between Sawyer and Elizabeth. I still thinking to continue read next novel, Still Water. It feels like the first novel does not really convince me to read the second sequel. I still recommend the novel if you really like emotional scenes without feeling annoyed with some violence scenes.

My rating: 3.5/5

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