Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book Review : Landfall by John McWilliams

Synopsis : 

In Alberta, Canada, at the foot of Dead Horse Mountain, a space capsule is discovered—a capsule that shouldn't exist. Thirty years earlier, Dr. Jan Lee, American entrepreneur and space tourist, purportedly destroyed this craft when he blew up the International Space Station in an act of unexplained sabotage. That event has since inspired conspiracy theories ranging from espionage to alien invasion.

Special Agents Lauren Madison and Ellis Cole have been assigned to investigate. But inside the capsule they find an even greater mystery: the remnants of a three-decade-old time-messaging experiment that could, within days, usher in a new era of manned space travel—or ignite an unimaginable disaster.

Review : 

I really like this book even though I know many people don't like it. The science was quite deep and I can't really follow it. But it was not too deep to deter me from enjoying this story. I like the alternate point of view and time between FBI agents (present) and JLA team (30 years ago).

I like the characters because they are simple and straight forward. Besides, I like the dynamic between characters. It makes the relationship more lively, despite them being simple and straight forward. We may or may not know them but we care about them. At least I do. Some people will say JLA team is quite superman and I quite agree with that. But I still like it anyway because it was not overdone. Still I don't quite satisfied with the ending. I understand that the author try to be cryptic and subtle, but I really don't get it. Because of that, it lacks strong closing impact.

Anyway, I give this story 4.5 of 5 stars and recommend it for people looking for serious and simple story at the same time. But I can understand it is not a story for everyone. For one who are willing to try it, they may like it like me. They may learn one or two thing about time messaging.



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