Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wallace Huo as PANERAI First Ambassador in Greater China

Dear All, 

It have been long time since I post something not related to book. Some people may think that post have nothing to do with my book blogging hobby. Wrong. That's true and false. Why ? Because I love Wallace Huo. He is good person and good actor. Very handsome, popular, but also very down to earth. He inspired me to become better person and help each other. Unlike current pop idols or boy band, he focus his career into acting. He rarely appear at Talk Show, Reality Show, Spokes Person event, Ambassador, etc. Only after decades of years becoming actor, that he allow himself to become Ambassador again. Currently there's only 2 CF deal that he undertook which is SKII and HUGO BOSS (HUGO BOSS "Man of Today" and SKII "Change Your Destiny"). But now, there's 3 with an addition of PANERAI. 

I never heard of PANERAI before. But now I know what is PANERAI because of Wallace Huo. From what I know, Wallace Huo personally have used PANERAI watches for over than 10 years. So, he must really like it to agree to become PANERAI first ambassador in greater China.  From what I know PANERAI itself is very popular brand because it was timelessness and have great resale value. Really hope that PANERAI and Wallace Huo can cooperate together and support each other. Hope everyone know who is Wallace Huo and support his work.

Cannot wait the day for me to be able to buy HUGO BOSS and PANERAI for my beloved one. Haha


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