Sunday, March 12, 2017

Escape Room : Xcape at PIK

Dear All, 

Now I want to share my experience playing escape room in Indonesia. I play it at Xcape PIK. The theme is Whispering of the Death. I choose this one because I play with my mother and other sisters. Because of that, I choose the non physical one. Not knowing that it was the most difficult one (crazy lol ?!). We are brought to third floor. Before we enter, we put our bags on the locket. I regret for not bringing my phone. But I doubt it would be any usefull since the room is very dark. We were given 4 flashlights since we are playing with 4 persons. One flashlight was UV light. At first we don't understand why we were given UV flashlight but it would prove important at the next puzzle. We take quite some time to finish the first room. Trust me it was very difficult. We decide to ask for hints. At last we can finish the room puzzle. It took us about 20 minutes. 

After that we go to the next toom. This room is easier but we have little problem with unlocking the padlock since we never use that kind of padlock before. Still we ask for another hint. We take about 15 minutes to solved the second room. Now I can say third room is the most intriquing. We know what we should do, but unfortunately we cannot solved the puzzle. Once again we ask for the hint. You can say we are very novice with this escape room thing. The master room ask us to come back to the first room and solved the puzzle. After that we open the box that emit light that point into the third room with mirror help. There we get our clue and managed to the fourth room. 

Actually at this time, we already used our 60 minutes. But it looks like we were allowed to move into fourth room because we already finished about 85% of the game. Unlike other room, it was quite difficult to open the door to fourth room. You can say it was like hidden room. Since we were already used all times and hints, the master room just following us into the fourth room and helping us as much as he can. Let say that it was the most easiest puzzle with the master help.   

At last we managed to solved all the puzzle and get out from the room. It was quite interesting experience. Everyone is happy. And we were treated with costume photoes. We all used horror masked and strange wig and strange weapon with strange posse. Really looks like horror characters from horror movies. And with that, our escape experience finished. Anyway, my feedback for this room is that it should be explained clearly how to use the padlock. More strange sound to create the atmosphere. And of course, cheaper. Hehe. Anyway, I may or may not back because it was quite expensive and not easily accessible from my place without car. 


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