Saturday, March 18, 2017

Book Review : Vessel by Andrew J Morgan

Synopsis : 

Excitement is high when the crew of the International Space Station discovers a mysterious object in orbit around Earth. But something goes wrong, and contact with the station is lost. When journalist Sean Jacob gets wind of the situation, he embarks on a journey to reveal the truth, winding his way into the biggest conspiracy to ever face mankind.

Review : 

To be honest I cannot believe that I will give this great premise book 3 stars. I thought it was best seller, but it really disappoint me with the grammar and the ending. The story also quite incoherent. I don't know how could Mr. Morgan who amazed me with his New York Deep make story like this. 

I admit that I read this book quite long because of my schedule. But when I really read it, I read it until the end. The beginning is very promising. I like the theme and characters even though they have no backbones. Or maybe I don't mind it because they don't annoyed me. Surprised! Unfortunately I don't know who's fault is this but if Mr. Morgan hired professional editor, he should change the editor because the story is jumping. Maybe it was Amazon fault. I don't know. I just know that several times I get incoherent story because the story in one page doesn't continue to the next page. 

But what disappoint me the most is I don't understand what this story is all about. The antagonist motive was not clearly explained. Some things just happening out of nowhere. Worse, the ending is very "wrong". No questions answered in the end. It left reader with more questions about why, why, and why. Fortunately it was not long story so I don't wasted my time too much. But despite everything, I still give it 3 stars instead of 2 stars because it was a nice change from your typical story. 

My rating : 3 of 5 stars


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