Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Book Review: Kulti


Salome Casillas is the fans of Reiner Kulti since she was a teenager. Suddenly Pipers, the club she join soccer team hire Kulti as assistant coach. Sal is surprised of the Kulti version she found, the arrogant Kulti is not what she'd expected. Sal have to overcome many obstacles as she become Kulti's friend and she should be much stronger to even move to their next level of relationship.


Mariana Zapata is one of my favorite writer. I could say that, because I could see her unique writing skill to describe daily activities of the lead actors in the novel and that still interesting and not boring.
Its like we are a friend of the main character of the novel, because we know what is the main character doing day by day, knowing her thought too. It would be nice if we can know the point of view of the male character. Usually the male character is the silent strong-willed type personality. We don't know much more about the male characteristic but its understable since the writer is a female and we better know much about female point of view.

Another point is Mariana Zapata story mostly is slow-burner romance. Its pretty clear since I read 'The Wall of Winnipeg' At first I found its boring but now I get used to it. The story of Kulti is focus on the friendship. The friendship between Sal and Kulti. How the become friends from hating relationship. How two persons connect and need each other emotionally and supporting each other life and career. The sex scene just at the end of the book after they feel connected each other.

I like this book and can't wait to read other Zapata' books. If you like deep romance that is not always about sex, you can try this book. You will feel the deep emotion and connection between two main character and its sweet romance to enjoy.

My rating: 4/5

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