Sunday, March 5, 2017

Film review: Manchester by the sea (2016)


Lee Chandler is a janitor. One day he got phone call that tell him that his brother was passed away due to heart attack. He has to be a guardian to his 16-years-old nephew Patrick. He work hard to guide his nephew Patrick and move on from the tragedy of his house fire and lost his children.


This film has many oscar nominations and Casey Afflect as Lee chandler won best leading actor for this role. I was curious enough to see this film. This film is good as its promised. Although the idea of the story is pretty simple, but this film has its own attraction to keep me moving.

I was attract with Lee Chandler' characteristic in this film. How he handle lots of burdens on his shoulder. He was divorce from his wife, Randy. Later, He has to be guardian for his 16 years old Patrick, as teenager, Patrick is not easy to be with. He later also lost his children because the fire accident and later he saw his ex wife getting pregnant with other guy. He had emotional issue on his own and often got fight in the pub. He later decide to go to Boston and start a new life there, but he still keep one empty room for Patrick, in case he wants to study in Boston or just visiting him.

At first, I was thinking this film would be boring. But, this drama is pretty real and not boring. It keeps me going. I like how Lee Chandler struggling in his life. From peoples always look down at him because his father quite famous and people think he is similar to it. He also get up from tragedy and made him lost his children and get along well with Patrick, his nephew. This movie is really worth to watch. Although I seldom see Casey Affleck' action, but his action in this film is worth to watch.

My rating: 8/10

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