Thursday, March 1, 2018

Game Review : Miniature Garden

Dear All, 

I thought I would like to review this game right now because I am free. Fyuh. Free is certainly quite nice. Not to mention the game is quite short so I finish it in one play. And I really mean it. It really is very short. Still I take what I can get. 

Miniature Garden tell story about seven mystery that happen in school named Miniature Garden. Believe it or not. It was called like that because the school was located in the forest. It was very very isolated. And famous for its mystery. One of the most well known mystery is when you are trapped in the school at night after certain festival (sorry forget the name), you will turned up death in the next day. And straight to the point, our protagonist and some of his friends get trapped in the school. Don't ask me how. That just the way it happens. And so the mystery begin. 

At the beginning, the game is very potential. I mean good characters, good graphic, good song, and good story. But, of course, the developer have to make bad ending to ruined everything. I don't know whether to laugh or cry with the way it ended. Nothing solved. I mean yes some of mystery were solved but it was not enough. I don't know how to describe my feeling. It was worse than ACE Academy ending. At least ACE Academy have good slice of life to support it. I don't know why MANGA GAMER choose to license it. The price really not worth it. I feel they try to emulate Higurashi but fail miserably. One of the good point is I really hope that someone will make the sequel one day to finish the story. 

Anyway, my suggestion is get this game only if you want short mystery story that may or may not make you satisfied. I know for me, it was not. I doubt I will read another visual novel from this developer MUZINTOU. 

Rating : 6 of 10 stars. 

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