Monday, March 26, 2018

Book Review: Keep Her safe (2018)


Grace determine to clear her father' name after his death 14 years ago.


I was feeling not well, I had bad flu, sneezing and chesty cough few days back and now still I had been not really fit, I just drink paracetamol. During this time, I holed myself with this book and the other book I will review later after I finish reading it. But I think it will takes time to finish the other book because the book is thick enough and a slow burner one, so I takes time indulging myself in that book. As I ever mention, I have bad habit, I read that book until so late last night, because that book was good to keep me reading it, I will review it later.

I finish this book quite fast, I bought this book from amazon in kindle version. I was expecting this book something like Until It Fades that I review it here. Yet, apparently this book is far from Until It Fades. This book is more like suspense thriller rather than romance. I mean, I understand maybe the author tried to mix the romance and the thriller suspense, but in my opinion, this book just did not sit well with me. I mean I didn't get the romance feeling from this book. The suspense thriller itself is just too slow and easily guessed with me. About 1/4 reading, I already guess, Silas as Noah' uncle is someone who is behind Jackie Marshall' death. No surprise for me. The writting itself is good.

Noah tried to find out what happened to her mother death. Her mother Jackie Marshall is the one who responsible for Abraham 'abe' Wilkies' death. Abe tried to find Betsy (Betsy is Gracie' mother twin) in one motel. Betsy who is underage prostitute is together with Silas that night, Silas called his fellow canning who called Jackie Marshall to come that night. Jackie herself just wanted to save his brother, Silas who eventually killed her. It's all just set up between DA officer, Mantis and Stapey and FBI officers who had call record evidences about Abe Wilkes and Jackie Marshall. Ah really why the FBI agent Klein didn't show all they had and wait until the last minute to show what they're actually know. I think the story plot is just way too complicated for the simple point.

I hoped her next book is not something like this book, because this book just something I didn't enjoy reading it, I prefer it something more like Until It Fades. Its not like this book is too dark, its just I didn't get any romance feeling or any curiousity feeling of the suspense thriller itself. It's just bring me boredom feeling. I still recommend this book if you liked K.A. Tucker like I do. I still have some hope in her to write more books like Until It Fades. Until It Fades is the best book of her and I think is best romance and sweet antidote if anyone's looking into one.

Rating: 3.5/5



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