Sunday, March 25, 2018

Film Review : Pacific Rim Uprising (2018)

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Now I would like to review another film that I used to anticipate. At last I can watch it. It was the sequel of Guilermo Del Toro Pacific Rim. I really like that film. Now what about the sequel Pacific Rim Uprising ? Can it surpassed Pacific Rim ? 

Actually nearing the film released, I don't plan to watch it simply because I am afraid that this film will make me craved more or stop caring. It turn out neither because this film was created with different producer and different actors. If the first film is Mercedez then this film is Honda. Yes, the difference is that great. I don't know who's idea to change the director. Worse, they use first time director (no offense to Mr. Steven S DeKnight). Next, they use less known actors. Personally I don't mind these change if they can deliver. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I don't say that the film is that bad. It just different film from Pacific Rim. At first, I thought maybe they have less budget or something. But when I see from Wikipedia that the budget is 150 million dollars. It really blows my mind. How could 150 million dollars budget create this average film. I mean even the CG is very ordinary compare to other sci-fi film. Not to mention, they nearly don't use any song at all. I remember that Pacific Rim is very loud film. So loud that you can hear the sound from outside the studio. Really that's not the case here. 

Let's talk about the story. I don't really know how to comment it. I mean the addition of Shao industries is quite forceful. Yes I know Legendary was bought by Wanda and Pacific Rim is famous in China. Personally I don't mind it if they execute it perfectly but don't know I think Jing Tian is not the right actress for the role. Or maybe the role itself is not good. It would be better if Liwen is the bad guy or mysterious guy instead of CEO from some company that coming out of nowhere. There's no chemistry at all. Next, I don't even want to talk about the Kaiju. The Kaiju in Pacific Rim is quite good. But in this, I think it's lame. The way it dies. You thought three combined category 4 and 5 Kaijus will be much tougher. Nope, it really anti climax. I remember it was very difficult to kill even one in Pacific Rim. And the biggest one is Jaeger itself. I really like Jaeger in Pacific Rim. The director really make me feel that Jaeger is special and humanity savior. But in this, Jaeger is no more than ordinary robot. The way it is, I doubt Gypsi Abyss (the main character Jaeger) merchandise will sell like cake.

Now the last part, all of this maybe can be tolerated if the actors somehow with their good acting can make us really immersed with the story. I don't say the acting is bad. No. It just ordinary. There's no chemistry whatever between the main characters or between characters at all. The good news is some actors from Pacific Rim like Mako Mori, Burn Gorman and Charlie Day (That I still remember) appear and I think they have more impact than the main characters. In different alternate story, I imagined Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori come back and save the day. No wonder, Guilermo Del Toro said that this sequel is different from the sequel that he planned even though he is the producer. Yes the producer. 

Anyway, despite everything, I still think that it could have been much worse. I hope this film become successful simply because if it end like this, it would surely tarnish Pacific Rim name. I wish they would make another sequel and make it trilogy. Of course, my hope is with Guilermo Del Toro in charge or at least another good veteran director with good actors.  

Rating : 6 of 10 stars


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