Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Review: Dear Aaron (2017)


Ruby Santos join the HaS program (Help a Soldier), she previously joined the program and help two other soldiers. What she didn't anticipated is that she falled in love with the new soldier, Aaron Hall the new paired she get from the HaS program.


As my previous promised, this book is what keeps me going to read and read until 4 am in the morning. My bad, but literally I just can't put this book down. This book are well written and had a nice idea and nice plot too. This is basically one of the best book of Mariana Zapata I ever read.

The idea of the story is pretty simple and really is something that naturally happened surrounding us. Ruby Santos joined the HaS program. She joined because her brother joined marine military and she know from her brother story that a soldier can be bored and lonely, she had urge to reach for them and just to care for them during their deployment. At first letters, Aaron didn't replied but later after 2 months, Aaron started replying her mails/emails and the emails between them are getting intense and both of them feel the need of each other' email just to keep going. Both of them support each other through the correspondences. Until one day, Aaron asked Ruby to join his holiday to Panama beach city in Florida. Ruby flied away from Houston just to meet Aaron and after their love making, they promised each other to make the relationship works and at the epilogue, I get the impression that they both live together and expected Ruby to stop her birth control pills so they can have baby together.

When I was young, I have pen pals, either male or female. That time, internet is not something that easily accessed, so I use postage mail to reply their letters. So basically, I did enjoy the idea of the book. I kind of enjoy reading their email correspondences, stories exchanges and their instant message chats. Aaron is a gentleman that every girl could asked for. He is a hero role for me too. Ruby often had panic attacks, she even had heart surgery because she had those palpitations. I can understand what Ruby'd been through and Aaron is someone who's Ruby can relied. He always calm her and asked her to breathe and relax. He is affectionate, nice, responsible and had good military career. They falled in love through their mails even before they're meet each other. Basically they falled in love with the personalities first before physical contact.

The plot is really good, it leads slowly until reach its climax at the end and had nice epilogue. By the time the story finished, I ended up wanting more.. story of Ruron. Mariana Zapata done it again, this writing also really capturing, it's funny yet sweet and full of emotion. I really enjoy reading it until time passed like blink of eyes. I think I will put this book in my re-reading shelves, so yes I will read again this book in the future. If you never heard Mariana Zapata or read The Wall of Winnipeg and me or you interested in military love story, please pick this book. You won't ever regret it :)

Rating: 4.5/5

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