Tuesday, August 30, 2016

K-drama review: Another Miss Oh

Sometimes, what we do not expect will have outcome beyond expectation. This is what happen when I watched this K-drama titled Another Miss Oh.

Here is the fact: I bought a lot of K-drama, watched and finish very few of them. If I found the Kdrama is not interesting, i will stop either at beginning episode or middle. Just can not stand myself to finish it. Yet if i really like the K-drama, i will watch over and over again and hard to get over with.
The last sentence I said had done me right with this K-drama Another Miss Oh.

I have famous K-drama dvd by web browsing, like Descendent of the sun (dots), pinocchio, love rain, marriage contract, etc. Actually I even did not finish watching Descendant of the sun (dots), forcing myself watch until middle episode and I feel really bored and I can not force myself to finish the drama. Frankly said, I even did not shed a single tear when watching Dots, same as well as pinocchio, and the others. So the scene is I bought a lot of K-drama in one day and did not finish all. The reason because it really did not touch my emotion and thought.

Since then, I learnt to just buy one K-drama. So if I did not finish it, I feel not really so wasted. So, I asked the shop retailer which drama is good, she told me that the last drama she watched is Another Miss Oh. So I bought it according to her said.

I just started watch this drama few days ago and still could not get over with this K-drama, because it is so good. I was crying, laughing and smiling while watching it. This drama really played my emotion well. Its really touching. Its beyond my expectation. I just expect to watch this drama to accompany my lunch time, meaning just as I have something to watch while eating. Yet, I was crying in episode 2, when Oh Hae Young told Park Do Kyung that she is been dumped by her ex fiancee.

Sometimes, I watched Kdrama, because I like the actor, like I watched some of Bae Soo Bin dramas, because I like the actor not the drama. But this is different. I don't even know the actors/actress in this Oh Hae Young drama. I have to say that they are really good actors/actress. They suit well.

The story is pretty simple. There are two woman named Oh Hae Young. The pretty Oh Hae Young dump Park Do Kyung on the day their wedding and the other Oh Hae Young getting dumped  by Han Tae Jin. Park Do Kyung ruin Han Tae Jin because he misunderstood by thinking his pretty Oh Hae Young to be married to Han Tae Jin. This is romantic comedy stories that will not get you bored.
The soundtrack is really good too. Its just really match the drama.

I still really not fully get over this drama after finish watching it 2 days ago. Even the soundtrack still whirling in my mind. It's just really recommended, this is really good K-drama you should watch.

My rate: 4.8/5

Kind regards,


Monday, August 29, 2016

Perfect Couple by Li Qi

Dear guys,

Here another song that I also really likes. Enjoy

If this fated love was meant to meet (R)
Still why there is so much pain (R)
Is there something covering your sights (R)
No longer cherish the things I've done (R)

If two gracious hearts were meant to love (R)
So why there is so much grief and sorrow (R)
Is there something blocking my footsteps (R)
You are free as the heart no longer in pain (R)

Even a match made in heaven can encounter hardship (R)
Do not worry too much on what's right or what's wrong (R)
Do not give up this lost love (R)
Grasp your hands tightly through my days and nights (R)

Fortunately you came back to me
Otherwise I'd have gone to the end of the earth till I found you
I'll never abandon you

Can't Be Said By Zanilia Zhao & Wallace Huo

Dear all,

Nowadays, I like this song and the lyrics. I feel it is very sad and beautiful. So, I want to share it with you guys. Hope you like it ^^

Your hands
Unlock my chains
Making me spin into this tender whirlpool

Storm over thousands of feet
Time extremely wasted
Affection has never been changed

A tie over a lifetime
A thought resulting a catasthrope
Still insist in repeating the mistake

In this moment of time
Our togetherness of a lifetime
Is vanishing into thin air

Fall in love with you is falling into an error (R)
Lose you I have lost my soul (R)
Ridiculously fate made a fun of us (R)
No escape from this world or the world to come (R)

Not it is cannot be said (R)
Because I am afraid to say it (R)
A step into a smile (R)
A step into a sorrow (R)
A step into the destined calamity (R)
which turn into a moth darting into flame (R)

Because fall in love with you (R)
I have lost myself (R)
Let everything scattered to the wind (R)

Not it is cannot be said (R)
Because I shall not say it (R)
Embracing each other with commitment (R)
Please don't blame my weakness (R)
Our love is not permitted (R)
Forsake myself and protect you to live (R)

Because fall in love with you (R)
I become who I am (R)
I will sink together with you (R)

Tittle                  : Cannot Be Said (The Journey of Flower OST)
Composer          : Zhenhong Mai
Lyrics by            : Lijing Qian, fresh Guoguo, Jun Rao
Film editing by   : Hui Song
Singer                : Wallace Huo, Zanilia Zhao
Producer            : Lijun Tang

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Sister

We were born as sisters
Yet we are like fire and water
What do you see of me just the opposite of her
That's how peoples look at us

Every time i saw her
I heart her a lot
I want to be like her
Thinking and acting like hers

The world is just easy and simple for her
She let go everything she dislike
She forgets peoples's wrongdoing easily
She faces her life with courage and fearless

She knew what she want
She adapt well to her life with patience
She chosed to be happy
She lives in the way she's happy

She is confident of who she is
She never afraid to make mistake in her life
One thing she might never realize
That I admire her


Friday, August 26, 2016

Book Review: Rahasia Gadis

Book rate: 5/5

Rahasia Gadis by -R-
Kalian bisa follow istagramnya Rahasia Gadis.
Buku ini sangat recommended buat semua orang, berbagai kalangan.
Isinya full colour and hard cover pula, jadi bisa dibawa di mana aja, kapan aja, tanpa takut buku rusak. Buku ini salah satu favorite saya.
Menurut opini saya, semua isi buku ini sangat dipersiapkan secara matang, dari segi materi, segi visual dan sangat attractive. Adapun kekurangannya, halamannya kurang banyak hehehe..
Buku ini gak bosen dibaca, kalau kalian sudah selesai baca bisa balik baca lagi.
Design buku ini sangat menarik juga.
Happiness reminder buat saya pribadi.
Harga buku ini juga termasuk tidak murah sekitar IDR79,000 atau sekitar segitu.
Tapi worthed kok, karena buku ini bisa disimpan untuk long haul dan bisa dibaca ulang nantinya.


"Facility 47"

Image result for inertia facility 47
from : google.play.com

Dear guys,

It's been a long time since I play a good puzzle advanture game. Now I would like to talk about game "Facility 47" from Inertia studio games. This is a good game. I really recommend it.

Saya bermain game ini ketika tidak sengaja menemukannya pada waktu saya sedang mencari game untuk dimainkan melalui gamehouse.com. Ketika melihat covernya dan tulisannya, saya pun menjadi tertarik untuk bermain game ini. Selain memiliki suasana yang misterius, game ini pun didukung dengan game play yang mudah. Dalam arti siapapun bisa memainkan game ini dengan mudah karena dibantu dengan hint-hint yang jelas. Dalam game ini diceritakan bahwa player terkurung dalam cell yang beku bersama dengan sebuah surat dan sebotol obat tidur. Player diminta untuk mencari tahu apa yang terjadi pada dirinya sehingga ia terkurung dalam sel tersebut. Game ini tidak membutuhkan waktu yang lama untuk dimainkan. Pemain dapat menamatkan game ini kurang lebih dalam waktu 1-3 jam non stop. Selain cerita dan game playnya yang mendukung, game ini pun memiliki 2 buah ending yang juga tidak kalah menariknya. Namun sangat disayangkan apabila pemain memilih ending yang satu, maka pemain harus memainkan ulang seluruh game agar dapat memilih ending yang satunya lagi. Namun, pemain tidak perlu merasa kecewa, karena banyak pemain game ini yang memposting kedua ending melalui Youtube. Pemain berharap Intertia Studio Games dapat mengeluarkan sekuel atau game serupa sejenis ini. Bagi yang tidak ingin bermain game ini di komputer, dapat memainkan game ini melalui Google Play atau IOS. Bagi para pencinta game puzzle adventure, saya sangat menyarankan game ini. 

So, tunggu apalagi buruan beli gamenya dan mainkan segera ^^


Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Life

You ask me about my life
My life full of pains and sufferings
Pains hurt the heart
Sufferings kill the soul

I cannot escape life
Life I am not living
People say life is fair
Fairness I cannot see

I cannot become free
Trapped in world without love
Flying to the star is my dream
Dream I want to reach

Many smiles are too little
Few tears are too much
Sadness and regrets are the only things I feel
These feelings stay in my heart

I feel for every moment
Moment that feels very empty
But emptiness is not in my heart
My heart only echoes my feelings

Someone say life is about choice
Choice I rarely have
Happiness is one thing I want the most
Still it won't come to me

People told me to keep my hope
Hope is necessary to continue life
I really do not have other way
Even when it is the last thing I can do

My best friend said I should not give up
Acting is the only way to survive
Still I cannot mask it any longer
I may choose to run away from my life


Friday, August 5, 2016

China Ban Korean Idols and Dramas Amid THAAD Dispute

Dear guys,

I am sorry for late article. Today I want to talk news about China ban Korean idols and dramas amid THAAD dispute. 

Selama ini China dan Korea Selatan terkenal memiliki hubungan yang baik. Namun, belakangan ini hubungan antara China dan Korea sedang tidak baik dikarenakan rencana penempatan misil THAAD di Seoul. Misil THAAD adalah pelindung misil dari Amerika yang akan ditempatkan di Korea Selatan pada tahun 2017 untuk menghadapi Korea Utara. Hal ini mendapatkan tentangan dari China dan Rusia yang menganggap misil THAAD dapat digunakan untuk memata-matai pemerintah China. China pun memberikan peringatan keras bahwa penempatan misil THAAD dapat mengganggu hubungan antara China dan Korea. Hal ini dibuktikan dengan adanya "rumor" pelarangan selebritis Korea Selatan untuk melakukan aktivitas komersial di China.  

Menurut rumor yang beredar pemerintah China melalui SARFT (China's State of Administration, Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television) telah melarang acara TV yang diproduksi oleh perusahaan Korea Selatan ataupun melibatkan selebritis Korea Selatan. Tidak hanya itu, para idola atau selebritis Korea Selatan pun dilarang mengadakan aktivitas di China. Konser yang diadakan pun dibatasi hanya boleh maksimal didatangi oleh 10.000 penggemar. Kontan hal ini menimbulkan kepanikan di Korea Selatan. Hal ini terlihat dari turunnya harga saham perusahaan entertainment Korea Selatan seperti SM, YG, dan JYP. Namun, berdasarkan penyelidikan, instruksi tersebut tidak dibuat secara tertulis melainkan melalui verbal. Dua stasiun TV di China mengatakan bahwa mereka telah diinformasikan bahwa pembuatan acara TV yang melibatkan aktor Korea Selatan atau berasal dari Korea Selatan tidak akan mendapat persetujuan untuk ditayangkan. Namun, acara yang telah mendapatkan persetujuan tidak akan terpengaruh. Meskipun, rumor ini belum dapat dibuktikan, beberapa aktivitas yang melibatkan aktor atau idola Korea Selatan telah dibatalkan secara mendadak. Meskipun kebijakan ini terlihat tidak menyenangkan, namun ternyata banyak masyarakat China yang mendukungnya. Mereka menganggap bahwa aktor atau idola Korea Selatan hanya datang ke China untuk mengeruk keuntungan tanpa berniat untuk mempelajari budaya ataupun bahasa China. Dan seringkali dianggap merendahkan penduduk China. 

Updated#1 : Ini adalah list drama China-Korea yang didesas desuskan di larang tampil di stasiun TV China beserta selebritis Korea Selatan.

So, akan jadi seperti apakah perkembangan selanjutnya antara China vs Korea Selatan ??? Hanya waktu yang dapat menjawabnya.

Have a nice day everyone ^^


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wallace Huo dan Ruby Lin Wedding (W&R) Part 2

Dear all,

Now this is part 2 of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin wedding in Palais de Chine Hotel, Taipei on August 2, 2016.

Here is some of their photos :

Wedding Venue


Media dinner

Dinner menu

Wedding Photos

Wedding gifts

Ruby with Jolin Tsai

Ruby with Leo Ku

Ruby and friend

Wallace dan Ruby

Wallace, Ruby, and the lovely wedding cake

10 seconds kiss (very romantic)

Ruby erased Wallace lipstick stain

Ruby with red gown

Ruby pink dress

Please stay tuned to the update