Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Book review: Midnight Blue (2018)


Alex Winslow had bad accident that caused his life in turmoil. He plucked the grammy statue from his fellow british singer William Bushell. He humiliate Will Bushell because he took Fallon his girlfriend from him. His agent hire a babysitter for him, Indigo Bellamy to take care his attidude during his world tour.


Alex Winslow arrested because driving under influence (DUI) and possession of cocaine. This guy is alcohol and cocaine addict. During one grammy award, he took the grammy statue from his fellow Will who won the grammy, he did it out of jealousy because he didn't win and he lost his girlfriend Fallon to Will.

As we can see, Alex' behaviour is uncontrollable. He hates Indigo because she restraint his freedom, she overlooked him at anytime. His drummer Lucas seems to like Indigo and Alex feel jealous and start to show his feeling to Indigo, he likes Indigo actually.

I think Alex has serious problem with his parents. He didn't have any respect for his parents. He didn't call them mom and dad, he called them by names. He cursed them many times, using the words like "fuck, shit, cunt, bloody hell, pig, pussy" Those are rude words he used in front of his parents.

He is also arrogant, he hate Lucas when Lucas tried to approach Indigo. He always said they are all on his payroll, he paid their salary. So, he has authority to do whatever he wants with them. Honestly, I don't know what Indigo'd seen in this guy, I personally think this guy is just asshole and is not reliable. I don't really care his wealth or his popularity, it all means nothing if you don't have good manners.

The book itself is boring for me, the plot is slow and I don't get any feeling from this story. I don't think I enjoy reading it.

Rating: 2.8/5

Kind regards,


Book Review: Milk and Honey (2014)

he asks me what i do
i tell him i work for a small company
that makes packaging for---
he stops me midsentence
no not what you do to pay the bills
what drives you crazy
what keeps you up at night

i tell him i write
he asks me to show him something
i take the tips of my fingers
place them inside his forearm
and graze them down his wrist
goose bumps rise to the surface
i see his mouth clench
muscle tighten
his eyes pore into mine
as though i'm the reason
for making them blink
i break gaze just as
he inches toward me
i step back

so that's what you do
you command attention
my cheeks flush as
i smile shyly
i can't help it

-Rupi Kaur
Milk and Honey, 2014

This is one of my favorite from the book Milk and Honey. The book itself is well written and inspiring. I seem hard to put down this book, flipping page to page and enjoying.

Rating: 4.5/5

Kind regards,


Game Review : ACE Academy

Dear All, 

Now I would like to review another game. The name is ACE Academy. Actually I have already finished this game from long time ago. But it looks like that I forgot to review it. My mistake. Haha

Well, from the name you can infer that the setting is school. But unlike ordinary school, this school have certain popular and unique major which is about robot competition. I am sorry my English is bad. What I mean is this school teach its student to become robot pilot and fight among each other with their own customized robot. Like any other game, suspension disbelieve was necessary. Basically the story tell about American-Japanese siblings that move to Japan and attend ACE Academy because of family circumstances. They live together with their uncle. And so their life begin together with the mystery about their parents death. 

I have to say that I really like the story and the graphics. Well, the graphic is quite "western" so it was refreshing. It was really "mature", "smooth", and "perfect" (sorry that's just my feeling. I mean I can say that developer (PixelFade) really put their efforts into it. You really feel the story. It is alive and engaging. The characters are also very interesting. But there's one little or (maybe big) problem. It was the ending. I won't lie, the ending leave something to be desire. I mean it was quite rushed. I really mean it, especially the last choice. I don't know what to make of it. It feels like they don't know what to do with it but also want to give it some closure. The problem is it's not really closure. More likely another question on top of other questions. Still I take what I can get. it already much better than most visual novel after all. The music is ordinary. I don't really remember anything special. 

Anyway, all in all, ACE Academy is good game. I really recommend this game for people who want to play light game with some romance and mystery elements. 

Rating : 8 of 10 stars

Best Regards, 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Game Review : Muv Luv Unlimited and Alternative

Dear All, 

It has been some times since I make my last review. Now I would like to share my review about Muv Luv. Maybe some of you have already heard it. From what I know it was very famous in Japan and world wide, hence many side stories encompassing anime, manga, and light novel. For this review I will combine both Muv Luv unlimited and Alternative since it was direct sequel. Besides, I think it was not fair to review Muv Luv Unlimited alone because I don't see any story in it. It was like an opening for Muv Luv Alternative. Anyway, here we go. 

Muv Luv is game about humanity survival. There's fight between human and BETA (alien). You don't have to play Unlimited first but I suggest you play it because you will appreciate what happen in Alternative more than if you directly play Alternative. Anyway, there are 2 parts in Muv Luv Unlimited (Extra and Unlimited). Extra is the original world for our main char Shirogane Takeru. For unknown reason, he was transported into parallel world in which human fight with BETA. To avoid confusion between the two, I will called the world in Unlimited and Alternative (BETA world). In Muv Luv Unlimited, Takeru try to do his best to fight the alien. Unfortunately, he fail to fulfill his duty because of Alternative V. You can say that it was very tragic. Anyway, in Muv Luv Alternative, Takeru came back to the past and now with memories from the past, he will once again try to save the humanity and make Alternative IV become reality. 

Anyway, it was quite long game. But I have no complain about it since it was very great. I mean there's mecha, fighting, military, aliens, science fiction, sad theme, beautiful art, great characters, great music, great animation, and the most important amazing story. The world is vast. There are many characters if you include side stories. I can say it has the potential to become the next Gundam. Even the ending itself is quite open. I mean I can imagine that there's no lack of story to continue it. The characters are solid and developed. You can see our main protagonist character development from boy become grown up man. Even the heroines have back bone to create their own existence. Anyway, the song are amazing especially the battle song. I really like it. And the story itself is top notch. You can feel the emotion in every fight. My suggestion prepare a lot of tissues, especially when you approach 75% of the game (joining A-01 team). The story really move on with full thrusters here. Of course, it could have been better because I feel the last battle is quite rushed. There are many unanswered question. Still it was one of the best visual novel that I ever known. 

I think what makes Muv Luv especially Muv Luv Alternative great is there are many ideas and opinions that is not right and wrong. Even though the main character is Takeru Shirogane, we don't really feel that he has strong influence toward others. Takeru is like blank canvass that become painted beautifully at the end. Like Takeru, we learned many things about humanity. We learned that we cannot always get what we want. But if we can be true to ourselves and overcome the pain, then there are happiness at the end of our journey. The key to our happiness could be lie in our sufferings. I think Takeru learn about this first hand when he know the truth about his journey. 

I really recommend this game for people who like Gundam or casual visual novel fans or science fiction theorist (believe it or not, there are a lot of science fiction theories in this game). Cannot wait for the sequel. 

Rating : 10 of 10 stars


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Game Review : Sorcery Joker

Dear All, 

I am glad that I can write the review about Sorcery Joker as soon as possible. This can only happen because I really admire the team behind this game. I give my biggest applaud for 3rd eye. I don't care what people say about this game. For me, This is one of the best visual novel game I ever know. 

Sorcery Joker tell story about 6 protagonist in which their life linked with each other. Basically they are divided into 2 camps which is Caster and Outcast. Caster is someone who can use magic and abide by government rule. And outcast is what you can say like freedom fighter who oppose government rule. Besides, there are also people who cannot use magic. Overall, this game tell story about the fight between people who support magic and oppose it. I cannot say more because it will spoiled the story. 

This game is the newest game that I play. I mean it was released near end of year 2017. So there's no excuse for developer for bad graphic, song, and features (if there's any). And from my experience, I can say for sure that it really deliver what I want. I mean amazing graphic, amazing song, amazing story. More so, it was beyond my expectation. The characters are sympathetic. I mean I really like all characters even the bad guy. It was superbly crafted. There are 2 protagonist in this story. But you don't have to choose one of them. You have to play both of them. 

The first one is Mutsumi Haruto. He is student from Academy (school that teach magic). He has high moral about justice. He is your loyal and naive hero. But during the course of game (experiencing real world problem), he developed into more realistic person that understand there's no truly right or wrong. The other protagonist is Amabuki Senri. He is your typical cool protagonist. I really mean it. At first, I feel indifferent toward him. My first impression, he is quite arrogant. But in fact, he is humble and smart. I mean unconsciously you root for him to win because he have that kind of charisma. You can say he is the opposite of Haruto. Surprisingly, I care and support both of them. 

No matter how great the graphic, song, and characters, the most important part is still the story. Sorcery Joker story really hook you from the beginning. There's nothing slow here. There's nothing useless in this story. Every part of the story was necessary for the bigger plot and character development. And the song really emphasis it. There are 3 songs that I really like in this game. Those are embrace, origin, and the truth. Unfortunately, I cannot find those songs in You tube. I feel sad that I cannot share those songs in this blog. I can only hear it from the game. One of the reason I still haven't uninstall the game despite already completed it. 

Anyway, I really like this game. Even after finished it, I still cannot forget it. There are not many game that make me feel like this. This is surprising since it was licensed by Manga Gamer (whom used to license light visual novel) instead of Sekai Project. I really recommend this game for visual novel fans. Hope I can play another game from 3rd Eye.  

Rating : 10 of 10 stars. 

Best Regards, 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Game Review : Ever17 The Out of Infinity



Dear All, 

It looks like a dream comes true when I find that I can play this game because from what I know no one sell this game anymore. Still, I take what I can get. So what special about this game ? One reason I play this game is because it was developed by the same team who made Root Double. Since I know how amazing Root Double, I have no doubt about Ever17 quality. 

Ever17 is one of most popular visual novel game in Japan. It was part of Infinity series made by compan KID (unfortunately now has bankrupt). Still, it managed to make impact in Japan visual novel game industry because of the use of science fiction to make compelling and beautiful story. If I were not mistaken, this game was released on 2002 in Japan. At first I thought the graphic would be dull but imagine my surprise when I find that the graphic is quite good and the song was emotional. I mean it have been 16 years since released. It can hold its own compare to current visual novel games. So I really enjoy playing it. 

Ever17 : The Out of Infinity is the second series of Infinity series. Basically Infinity series tell about science fiction story involving player as "god" (If I am not wrong). Well, I cannot really dwell in it because it would be a long story. The story tell us the protagonist being trapped in LeMu underwater park in Ingsel Null (island). Because of certain accident, they cannot get out in time when there are evacuation. Worse, they only have 7 days to get out before it would completely flooded because of water pressure. Anyway, at certain point in the story, you have to make a choice that will determined who will you play. There are 2 protagonist that you will play (as Takeshi or Kid). You will have to complete 4 good ending. And only after that, you can unlock true ending. 

The characters are amazing. I mean they have their own personality and back bone. After going through 4 routes, you get a sense of each character and their personality. And depending on your choice it will affect whether you can complete the 4 ending or not. If you don't want to guess whether your choice is right or not, I suggest you to use the walkthrough. I am not ashamed to tell that I use walk through because I get bad ending at the first times ^^.   The song is quite amazing too. I mean I really cry at certain scene because it was touching. And the song really amplifies it. I doubt I will cry without the song. The voice acting is good. Actually I don't really like Hoshi Soichiro voice because it was quite "cry baby" but it grow into me in the later scene. 

The highlight of this game is the story. There are many mystery in the game that will only get answered if you get the true ending. I will be honest, it was quite boring to play the same scenario four times with some difference. Fortunately for the same scene, you can use skip function. I find that I use skip function often to waste no time. What surprised me the most is the inclusion of us player as Blik Winkel (4th dimension being) and time paradox concept (to be honest I don't really get it how time paradox work). Anyway, it was satisfying experience playing this game. 

Overall, I really recommend this game for visual novel lovers. I can attest that it was classic and timeless even though 16 years have passed. 

Rating : 9 of 10 stars


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

TV series: This is Us (2016)


The Pearson' family story revealed in emotional drama.


I was intrigued to watch this series after I saw many good reviews and that is really true. This series story is simple but is wrapped in so emotional ways and so much feelings like happiness, sad, joy, triumph and love. This series is really captivating. I was caught up in the first episode and can't wait to watch next episodes.

This story tell how Jack and Rebecca has triplet babies but lost the 3rd baby and at the same time, suddenly there is a baby who left in the fire station and brought to the hospital where Rebecca give birth to both babies. They agreed to adopt the baby and named him Randall. The story tell about Kevin, Kate and Randall. The plot kept back and forth between their childhood and their present life.

Jack called them the big three, let's check on them one by one:
  • Kevin Pearson: Kevin Pearson is an actor. He's famous of his series, The Manny. Kevin has lifestyle such as famous handsome actor, He has fancy car, hook up with girls here and there, having threesome with sexy girls and he lived in fancy penthouse. His characteristic is easygoing and friendly, which makes it easier to attract girls. He takes everything easy, never really take something into his heart. He cares about Kate so much. Kate is his twins. Everytime he asked Kate to go eat somewhere, he always the one who's paid for Kate, which later this behaviour annoyed Toby as Kate' fiancee. Toby thought Kevin acts more like her father/husband instead of a brother. He married once with his first love Sophie but later he divorced with her, because he was caught cheating with other girl. Though he still hook up with other girl during their on and off relationship, his love is always for Sophie.
  •  Kate Pearson: Kate always had issue with obesity. Since she was kid, her mother Rebecca always complained she can't eat too much for healthy issue. Sometimes she'd complained that she feel hungry because she only eat fruits. Kate works as Kevin' personal assistant. She is considerate towards peoples. She treat Kevin and Randall the same. She always had a thing for her mother, Rebecca. She envied her, she always think Rebecca is better than her, in form of singing and appearance. Later she found true love in Toby. They meet each other in social community centre (obesity). She feels Toby can accept her as the way she is. They find happiness in quirk ways possible, they support each other and bring the best out of each other. They are solid too, when Kate had miscarriage, she can make it with Toby. Toby is jealous of Kevin' presence, so Kate separate herself living in LA while Kevin move to New York. She lived together with Toby and both of them are planning to get married.
  •   Randall Pearson: Randall is adoptive son that Jack and Rebecca found in hosptial she was giving birth to both Kevin and Kate. Randall is black, so he always feel different from his siblings. Randall himself is an observant and perfectionist. He feels nervous when things go not as his planned. Everything must in order to his plan or he will get breakdown. Since he was young, he noticed that black people often get discriminated, that's why he worked so hard to be success. Randall work in company in Wallstreet, he is very good with numbers. His job need his analythical skills of complicated numbers. As a perfectionist, he makes sure his wife and his two girls are happy. He basicly wants good home and good career for life. When he found out about his biological father, he tried to approach him and that is the beginning of his perfect life falls apart.
There are a lot of up and down, a lot troubles to drift them apart yet they draw them closer together.
While watching this series, I get the messages that it doesn't matter how success or rich you are, the one that matters that you have sincere peoples by your side when everything in your life falls apart. Its about how you loved peoples and being loved, how you cared people the way you want to be cared. Love itself that make difficult life bearable. Life is always uncertain, anything can happens, its just how you sort yourself and get up.
There’re a lot of emotional stuffs, so far it makes this series nice and enjoyable to watch.

Rating: 8.5/10

Best regards,


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Game Review : A Clockwork Ley Line : The Borderline of Dusk

Dear All, 

Now I would like one of newest game that was licensed by Sekai Project. The game was A Clockwork Ley Line : The Borderline of Dusk. This is the first part of Clockwork Ley Line trilogy. Still, it was good on its own and even though it was act like opening for deeper story, it was still satisfying experience for me. Let's take a look. 

Clockwork Ley Line : The Borderline of Dusk tell story like Harry Potter in which Lapis Lazuli is school for people who have talent in magic or magic resistance. But unlike Hogwartz, this school doesn't teach magic at all. It just cover to protect magie (people who have powerful mana and mist (magical equipment). Besides, after 6 pm (if I'm not wrong) the school change into night school with student from night realm come and study. It was not explained from where this night realm student come. I suppose it will be revealed in the next part. Anyway, the protagonist Koga Michiru was invited to join the school. Unfortunately because of misunderstanding, he was asked to join Special Investigation Bureau to investigate special phenomenons. And so the story began. 

I want to say that I don't have high expectation for this game but unexpectedly, I really like it. It has good story, good graphic, and good music. I really like the opening song. It was quite rare for me to like visual novel opening song. Based on my experience, most visual novel have good soundtrack but not opening song. So I really appreciated it. The characters are also quite good. Besides several important characters, there are also many characters introduced that may or may not important in terms of plot. But I suppose it works as cover since some chapter require us to guess who is the culprit. The soundtrack is also quite nice. It was not as deep and classic as G Senjou No Maou soundtrack, still it was good in its own way. You can feel the mystery and the emotion in the songs. The voice acting is also quite good even though nothing outstanding but I quite like Shishigatani Ushio voice. 

There are 3 heroines route that we can choose. It works like G Senjou No Maou characters route. Once you choose the characters route, the story will change and end (aka it won't continue into the next chapter). Some of characters route feels forced and not make sense. But I suppose it was because the story quite short so we don't really know the heroine. Anyway, I still enjoy playing this game. 

I recommend this novel for visual novel fans who love magic or not. It was quite simple and not too long so can be played lightly, unlike some heavy visual novel. 

Rating : 8 of 10 stars