Saturday, February 3, 2018

Game Review : A Clockwork Ley Line : The Borderline of Dusk

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Now I would like one of newest game that was licensed by Sekai Project. The game was A Clockwork Ley Line : The Borderline of Dusk. This is the first part of Clockwork Ley Line trilogy. Still, it was good on its own and even though it was act like opening for deeper story, it was still satisfying experience for me. Let's take a look. 

Clockwork Ley Line : The Borderline of Dusk tell story like Harry Potter in which Lapis Lazuli is school for people who have talent in magic or magic resistance. But unlike Hogwartz, this school doesn't teach magic at all. It just cover to protect magie (people who have powerful mana and mist (magical equipment). Besides, after 6 pm (if I'm not wrong) the school change into night school with student from night realm come and study. It was not explained from where this night realm student come. I suppose it will be revealed in the next part. Anyway, the protagonist Koga Michiru was invited to join the school. Unfortunately because of misunderstanding, he was asked to join Special Investigation Bureau to investigate special phenomenons. And so the story began. 

I want to say that I don't have high expectation for this game but unexpectedly, I really like it. It has good story, good graphic, and good music. I really like the opening song. It was quite rare for me to like visual novel opening song. Based on my experience, most visual novel have good soundtrack but not opening song. So I really appreciated it. The characters are also quite good. Besides several important characters, there are also many characters introduced that may or may not important in terms of plot. But I suppose it works as cover since some chapter require us to guess who is the culprit. The soundtrack is also quite nice. It was not as deep and classic as G Senjou No Maou soundtrack, still it was good in its own way. You can feel the mystery and the emotion in the songs. The voice acting is also quite good even though nothing outstanding but I quite like Shishigatani Ushio voice. 

There are 3 heroines route that we can choose. It works like G Senjou No Maou characters route. Once you choose the characters route, the story will change and end (aka it won't continue into the next chapter). Some of characters route feels forced and not make sense. But I suppose it was because the story quite short so we don't really know the heroine. Anyway, I still enjoy playing this game. 

I recommend this novel for visual novel fans who love magic or not. It was quite simple and not too long so can be played lightly, unlike some heavy visual novel. 

Rating : 8 of 10 stars


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