Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: Villain by Samantha Young (2017)


Nadia Ray is a Meteorologist broadcaster. One day, his boss Dick blackmail her to reveal Caine Carraway' dirty secrets or she would be fired. That scene had brought Henry Lexington to save her from Dick' blackmail. Both Nadia and Henry share same strong attraction. But Nadia has dark old secrets that made her run, Henry would accept her dark secrets or they love could not last.


As all my reviews of Samantha Young' books. I love her. Everything she wrote always entertain me and I like it. This book is 1.5 version of series hero and honestly I like this book better than the "Hero" book. I think it is because I like Henry Lexington rather than Caine Carraway, for me Caine is too ruthless, while Henry is more smooth and sweet.

I have bad habits when I read romance book that I liked the hero, I tend to keep reading until I passed my sleep time and made me insomania, I know it is not really good habit. This begin if I really get caught in the story, especially if I liked the hero pretty much. Well, this book pretty much done that to me. I keep reading because I really want to know what Henry would do next to Nadia. I like the love game they're playing at. I believe you will love them too. Henry is one of the sweetest man that will sweep over someone' feet.

While I liked this book as much as I liked other Samantha Young' books. There are some things that I hoped this book could add. Like, I want to know what happens between Henry' mother and Nadia' relationship. As we know Henry' mother detest Nadia pretty much and I think until Henry proposed Nadia, there are not enough scenes that draw Nadia closed to Henry' mother. Besides, I think Nadia' old past secrets are not bad enough to make their love falling. I expect some more drama like If Henry dissapeared from Nadia and both of them tried to hide the hurt feelings and start date anothers but finally they made together again maybe will make this novel more fantastic I think.

This is more like happy story and happy ending to me. Not much drama here. They always been inseparable. I recommend you to read this novel, you will like Henry as much as I do.

Rating: 4/5

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