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TV Series: The lost (2004-1010)


Plane Oceanic 815 had crashed and some of the passengers are survive on the island. Later they figured out that they are not the only ones on the island, there are "the others" which local citizen on the island before them. But before them, there is organization called Dharma Initiative who conduct electromagnetic research on this island. On 1970, this organization conduct research because they found the special properties of the island such as electromagetic fluctuations. Later Desmond, who accidentaly sailed nowhere and being saved enter the code every 108 minutes to keep the amount of electromagnetic at bay. One day, Desmond accidentaly did not enter the code and there is big turbulance in the hatch and that caused the Oceanic 815 crashed accident.

There is strained relationship between the others and the survivor of Oceanic 815. There is a British researcher named Daniel Faraday, Daniel is a physician, He conduct research about time travel and he conducts time travel research which will change the variable and the constant (desmond himself). Variable meaning the others beside Desmond. Desmond himself can move toward and backward between time. Jack Shepard found Faraday' notes and determined to save the island and prevent the Oceanic 815 accident.


I know this is a famous tv series back then, I was late to just finish watch it few months ago. Back then, I was not really interest to this drama, because I am not a sci-fi fan. At first I was doubt to review this because I was thinking some of you or most of you who watched it back then, but this tv series just too good to not to be reviewed, because it stucks in my head for weeks and months and it is not something that I can easily forget. I just want to share my thought and my feeling of this drama. Also, if you are new generations who just heard about this drama, I recommend you to watch the whole drama, either through DVD or online. This drama really worthed for your time and your senses.

One word to describe this drama, complicated. This is the most complicated drama I ever watched so far. Each episode and each season will bring you to something you don't know or something you won't be guessed. Each episode is a surprised. Each episode told each individual, so at the end you will know well every survivor. I really appreciate the effort of the writer and director of this series, I can imagine how hard for them to make this story work. This series also tells a whole lot scientific knowledge that you heard before or never believed before, some of them can be rumor or just a merely stories. Here just a bit example unique scientific experience: Hugo believe that after he won USD150 milllion by entering the number sequence which he believed bring bad luck to him or Claire who went to paranormal to find out that she need to protect her own son and can't let her son being adopted by someone else, later she is being told that she need to get on the flight Oceanic 815 to save her own son which lead her to the plane accident or Rose and John Locke who find their health back in the island or Dr Jack Shepard who is between believe anything rational as a doctor or believe some mythical stories of the island. They are really interesting to be watched. 

I personally a team Jack. I think Jack Shepard is a unique character in this series. At the beginning, he as a doctor tried to save other survivor of the plane and later he who has bad bed manner which means he is never give false hope to the patient. He tried to calm the survivors after some incidents caused by the others. He is a spinal surgeon who operated Ben also, barter it with Kate and Sawyer' freedom from Hydra island. He had bad obsessed behaviour which caused strained in his marriage with Sarah, which caused Sarah's leaving him to other man and had baby with other man. Jack himself is a good doctor. He is kind individual, but he is stubborn and doubtful, he scared to make wrong decision which cause other people distrusted him. 

If you are doubtful about this series like me before or you are not interest in science fiction drama, but you are really looking into one good drama to be watched in your empty time, try this series. This series is really worth your single seconds, in my opinion. Until now, I still watched back some of my favorite episodes of this drama. This drama just one of the best drama I ever watched so far.

Rating: 9/10

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