Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Film Review: The mountain between us (2017)


Alex meet Ben when they hired a small boeing to go to New York. Their plane crashed and both of them need to survive at the mountain. No body help and both of them need to support each other until they find a way to back to city.


This is a good romance novel. I liked how strangers can be a couple. Ben is a surgeon and Alex is a jounalist. Both of them stranded in the mountain and both of them tried to survive with all they have.
They tried to get to know each other which is not easy at first because Ben is introvert about his personal life. Alex also had a fiancee and she was going to a dress fit session. She is going to marry Mark on the next day.

When both of them finally comeback to the city, they fall in love. Ben tried to avoid Alex because he thought Alex is already married to Mark. She actually called off the wedding. She find soulmate in Ben. Actually the story is pretty good. Kate Winslet is very good to play deep feeling romance. When she played "the reader" it stuck in my head for days. I like her acting.

What I expect is I want more romance session between them. more love emotional connection between them when they stuck in mountain and after they comeback to city.

Well it is still good romance drama, if you are looking into one.

Rating: 7/10

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